Apple Patents ‘Bumper’ for Crack-Free iPhone 8

iPhones have become much more than a luxury gadget that only the rich could afford. It is loaded with features and technologies that make it far superior to an average smartphone. Nevertheless, it’s fragile body and sleek design makes it a little unpopular for rough use.


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Thankfully there’s a good news as Apple has patented a ‘Bumper’ technology that is supposed to make iPhone and iOS devices much more impervious to damage. As per a website, Apple got another patent on April 4th, 2017 to supply iPhones with inbuilt cushions in corners to reduce fall damage.  These cushions will pop out at the time of free fall and keep the phone from being damaged by the impact. This would also mark the first time such a technology has been used for digital devices.

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As per the patent, this technology will work with the active sensors like accelerometer. It means the sensors would be able to detect if the phone is in a ‘Free Fall Mode’.


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So, when the software detects the free fall, it triggers the corner cushions to activate and protect the device from any damages from falling Moreover, these cushions will also prevent the phone from drowning in water; best suited for situations when you accidentally drop your iPhone in water.. They act as a life jacket for your phone and keeps it floating on the surface.

If these sources are correct, Apple would launch its ‘bumper’ technology with the upcoming iPhone 8. There are a lot of websites and market experts that have supported this speculation and will certainly make iPhone 8 a solid market player

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There are also speculations about iPhone 8 being equipped with shock resistance technology. However, the price of new iPhone 8 with these technologies might certainly increase its price.  Nevertheless, these technologies could definitely become ‘game changers’ for Apple and relieve them of customer complaints with durability and fragility.

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