Apple Notes App Gets So Much Better with iOS 13: What’s New?

Love it or hate it but apart from our BFF, the Notes app sure knows about all our secrets. Whether we want to jot down an important piece of information or prepare a grocery list when we’re heading out for shopping, be it anything, Notes app happens to be our go-to place for writing down any random stuff. With each iOS update, Apple has consistently improved the Notes app by introducing a new array of useful features. And yes, iOS 13 makes the Notes app a whole lot better.

iOS 13 Notes app is power-packed with some mind-boggling features that will change the way how you jot down information on your iPhone and iPad. And thanks to iOS 13’s Dark mode which makes the interface of Notes app even more appealing and of course with less strain on the eyes.

Apple Notes App Gets So Much Better with iOS 13
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Here are a few iOS 13 Notes app features that are worth your time and attention which can drastically improve your overall experience of using this app. So, in case you haven’t tried exploring these features yet, here’s a quick glimpse of all notable changes which Apple brings along with their latest software update.

Let’s get started.

Gallery View

To make the interface easier to comprehend, Apple has now introduced a new “Gallery view” for Notes app along with iOS 13. In the Gallery view, you will be able to see the thumbnail view of all your Notes, rather than the list-format. The Gallery view makes it really easy to see the content that’s stored inside, as it neatly appears in a folder view.

Gallery View
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To switch to the Gallery view on the Notes app here’s what you need to do. Launch the Notes app on your iOS device and open the list of notes that are stored on your device. Now swipe down on the screen until you see a gallery shaped icon (four-squares) on the top-menu pane. Tapping on this icon will switch your Notes app in the “Gallery view” where you will see all your existing notes in a neat, organized, folder format.

Enhanced Search

In case you haven’t noticed it yet but the search option on Notes app has got so much better with iOS 13. Wondering why? Apple’s Notes app now comes with an ability to recognize images in your notes. Yes, you heard that right. Notes app’s searching capabilities have enhanced with iOS 13 as you can now search for content stored in scanned images and documents as well.

Create Sub-folders

Create Sub-folders
Image Source: iPhone FAQ

Did you know you could create sub-folders to categorize your notes? Well, this feature was previously available on the iPad but now with iOS 13 you can create sub-folders in the Notes app on your iPhone as well. Creating a sub-folder is super simple! Just drag a particular folder on top of any existing folder (main folder) of your list. Do try it out!

Easy Checklists

Easy Checklists
Image Source: Gadget Hacks

Creating checklists is one of the fun things to do in the Notes app, right? And yes, thanks to iOS 13 as it now allows us to easily manage our checklists. Now you can easily drag and drop the items on your checklist in case you’re not pleased with their order. In the earlier versions of iOS, this feature was not supported, and one had to literally create a new list all over again if the order wasn’t rightly done.

Sorting Notes Becomes Easier

Sorting Notes Becomes Easier
Image Source: Gadget Hacks

Agree or not, but our Notes app contains a lot of important information. The process of sorting our notes list gets a lot easier with iOS 13. The Notes app now comes with an in-built set of options that allow you to sort notes on the basis of title, date edited, and date created. To switch between these options, launch the Notes app, swipe down on the screen and tap on “Sort by Date Edited (Default)” option to pick your sorting preference.

So, what do you think about the iOS 13 Notes app? Don’t you think it’s got a whole lot better? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments box below.

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