Apple Music App Redesigns for Android

Apple Music, which has not given us any major updates in almost a year, has finally came out of hibernation mode! We are getting to hear, Apple Music finally caught up with Android in an all new look and feel to match the release of iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad which happened last September. The redesign is now making its way to the streaming service’s Android app. Despite Apple’s inattention to its Android app, Apple Music has been growing steadily, thanks to its built-in status as the default music app on iOS devices.


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What’s New?

The all-new design brings greater clarity and simplicity to Apple Music. Here is the detailed changelog that comes along with the new update v2.0.0:

  • Now Playing: Read lyrics of your favorite songs as you listen.
  • Library: Navigate your music easily and see the Downloaded Music you can play offline.
  • For You: Get recommendations for playlists, albums, and more—based on music you love.
  • Browse: Listen to new music first, plus playlists for any mood or activity.
  • Radio: Tune in to Beats 1 shows or listen to stations of any genre.

The new version seems to have far lesser menus than the older ones and the scrolling has reduced significantly.

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The Sign in Bug Persists Though

However, the update has surprisingly failed to address one of the major complaints faced by users—the sign in bug. On some devices, users are asked to enter their Apple ID verification code in order to complete their sign in upon first launch. Unfortunately, a pop up message alerts the verification code but there’s never a place to enter the code provided to you on another Apple device. But that’s a minor glitch.

Version 2.0 of Apple Music is now available on the Google Play Store.

Apple Music
Apple Music

Grab it now!

Meanwhile, Google Play Music is posing some stiff competition…


Google is set to take India’s growing music market by storm! It has recently launched its Play Music Unlimited service in India, which lets you stream tunes on demand and enjoy radio stations based on artists and songs you like.

In addition to this, it also offers free cloud storage so you can upload 50,000 of your own tracks and stream them just like you would any other track in its library. That’s handy if you have a collection of tunes from indie artists who aren’t yet on Google’s platform.

Get a glimpse of the ‘tune-world’ right here.

The war has just begun! So, what’s your pick folks?

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