Apple Map Adds COVID-19 Testing Sites – How to Use Apple Maps to Find Testing Locations

When the COVID-19 outbreak, the human tragedy is impacting the global economy, tech companies are trying their best to help people deal with it. In this regard, Facebook released Messenger Rooms, Apple provided free reads for kids, Google and Apple joined hands to offer Contact Tracing apps and more.

The latest addition to Apple Maps is another effort towards fighting COVID-19. With this recent change, users using Apple Maps will now be able to see testing sites across the U.S. covering all 50 states and Puerto Rico. When search terms like coronavirus test or COVID-19 test are entered COVID-19 testing sites will be marked on Apple Maps and testing locations will appear with a red medical glyph icon.

What information will we get with this update?

With this second minor update made to Apple Maps users will be able to see dedicated testing sites and locations including hospitals, emergency care services, general practitioners, clinics, pharmacies, and more.  In addition, you will get information about testing hours, address, and phone number, a warning message that COVID-19 testing requires doctor’s referral, and searching for COVID-19 will show COVID-19 testing search term at the top.

Is Apple making any other changes?

Yes, Apple is also updating its new Mobility Trends website, to provide free access to government agencies, and then know how people are getting around in their cities and regions during pandemic crises.

Plus, the Mobility trends site now includes improved regionalization like province-level search. In addition to this, Apple also launched free COVID-19 screening through Apple’s app and websitegraph

What about data privacy?

Since Apple’s Maps app has privacy built-in by default, no personal information will be collected or shared with any agency.

How to find COVID-19 testing locations on Mac, iPhone, and iPad?

  1. Launch Apple Maps
  2. Head to search bar > tap COVID-19 Testing option under Search Nearby
  3. Tap result locations to get more details
  4. At the bottom of COVID-19 Testing Site tap More and get details about testing location

All this will surely help people stay updated. Further, tech companies understand COVID-19 is a practical concern, and technology should be used in a positive manner to assist users and encourage them to stay home. Simply tapping the testing site entry will give you a link to hospital and other essential information.

Commenting on this Apple said, “Through close cooperation and collaboration with developers, governments, and public health providers, we hope to harness the power of technology to help countries around the world slow the spread of COVID-19 and accelerate the return of everyday life.”

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