Apple Brings In New Hardware & Software In 2022

What Apple Announced At Its First Digital Spring Event?

Apple held its first event of the year 2021 through digital medium and announced a bunch of amazing hardware and a few software updates. This event was termed a “Spring Loaded” event and introduced a lot of exciting hardware. Here is a summary of the event.


  • Air Tags – a new Apple hardware that can prove quite useful
  • Apple’s 4K TV With New Remote.
  • Apple announced new hardware with M1 chip in iPads and iMacs.
  • Bonus Announcements: Apple Cards.
  • Apple Podcast and iOS 14.5 updates.

Let’s Begin!

Apple’s Air Tags

Apple’s Air Tags
Image Credits: Apple

One of the most exciting announcements of the evening was Apple Air Tags which are tiny tracking devices. These circular gadgets can be attached to any of your other devices or important things that you require daily like car keys, wallets, or anything else. These tiny devices can be traced using Find My Network and help find the location of the device/thing it is attached to.

The AirTag will be available to purchase on April 30 and bears a cost of $29 with a discount on a pack of four amounting to $99.

Click here to know more details about AirTags

Apple’s 4K TV With New Remote

Apple’s 4K TV With New Remote
Image : Apple

Apple has finally released its updated version of the 4K Apple TV with a new remote design. The hardware of the Apple TV has been upgraded with a faster processor enabling it to support high frame-rate HDR. There is an auto color adjustment feature to ensure the optimal result no matter what you play on it.

Apple has decided to remove the trackpad off its all-newall-newall-new, remote and replaced it with a five-way touch controller. It also has a power button on the top right with the Siri button moved to the side.

Pre-order for this amazing Apple TV starts on April 30 and the shipment would begin in the latter half of May 2021. The all new Apple TV 4K is priced at $179 & $199 for a 32GB and 64 GB model respectively,

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Apple Announced New Hardware With M1 Chip In iPads And iMacs

M1 iMacs

M1 iMacs
Image: Apple

Moving forward, Apple proudly presents its new iMacs with the advanced M1 processing chip. These new machines have a 24-inch display, thinner than their predecessors and are supported on smaller bases. Apple has also assured of 1080p FaceTime webcam and better speakers and microphones that support Dolby Atmos. Apple has also designed a new Bluetooth magic keyboard that comes with an emoji button and Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The all new iMac and the mouse and keyboard will be available in seven colours, yellow, orange, white, green, blue and red. Apple has priced these iMacs at $1299 with upgrade models costing up to $1499. The iMacs will have a 256 GB SSD and two Thunderbolt ports. These will be available for pre-order on April 30 and ship out in the second half of May.

If you want more details about these iMacs, then click here

M1 iPad Pro

M1 iPad Pro
Image : Apple

With new iMacs, Apple has also announced two new iPad Pro models that include the M1 chip in their hardware. Apple claims that these new iPads will be approximately 75 times faster than the original iPad taking iPads on an altogether different level and support 8-core GPU/8-core CPU. The two models, 11 inches and 12.9 inches will also include a Thunderbolt USB C port and the cellular models will support 5G networks.

The 12.9-inch model will be equipped with a new Liquid Retina XDR display that consists of 10,000 mini LEDs. However, this feature will not be available on the new 11 inch iPad. It will also contain an improved ultra-wide camera that will be able to auto-pan in/out to keep the subject in the frame at all times. The RAM would be 16 GB with 2 TB of storage space.

The 11-inch model has been priced at $799 and the 12.9 inches will be available for $1099. The pre-order process begins on April 30 with the shipping to begin in the latter half of May 2021.

If you want more details about the new iPads, then click here.

Bonus Announcements: Apple Cards

Apple Cards
Image: Apple

Apple announced “Apple Cards” which would allow users to share them with their family members provided that they are above 13 years of age. The main user can set different spending limits for each user.

Apple Podcast and iOS 14.5 updates

Apple Podcast and iOS 14.5 updates
Image Credits: Apple

Apple has also mentioned about launching a redesigned podcast app that will facilitate paid subscriptions to individual podcasts.

The iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 will be available before the end of April 2022 with a lot of exciting features and more focus towards the privacy of Apple users. It would include support for AirTags, Unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch, new Siri voice options and App tracking Transparency.

Something Extra: Purple iPhones

Purple iPhones
Image: Apple

Although there were no iPhone announcements Apple did specify about iPhone 12 and iPhone mini getting a new color option and that would be Purple.

That’s all folks! All the announcements that Apple made in its Digital Spring Event. A review of all these products will be available after May 2022 once Apple starts shipping them out.

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