Apple AR Glasses: Everything You Need to Know

Apple AR glasses—yes that’s right! Another milestone which is soon going to be conquered by Apple. Sources have acclaimed that Apple is soon going to begin mass production of AR glasses somewhere around the timeline of the end of 2019 and 2020. These amazing AR powered smart glasses will change everything around us. Apple AR glasses will allow you to view your notifications on the go, access all information right in front of your eyes.

AR glasses
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How is AR Different from VR?

For those who are not aware of Augmented Reality concepts, let’s give you a quick roundup knowledge on the same. You must be wondering the market is already flooded with a lot of VR glasses. So, how are these AR glasses going to be any different from VR headsets? Well, VR headsets primarily focus on your head movement and then the 3D image is displayed inside the headset.

How is AR Different from VR
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On the other hand, Augmented Reality is more like implementing real-world applications. AR Glass will simply allow you to see 3D content overlaid into the real world, where everything will be displayed right in front of your eyelids through laser beams. Augmented Reality offers a more real-life experience where lenses place digital objects right in front of our current environment.

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Will Apple ARKit Play a Role in AR Glasses Success?

Apple has already stepped down in Augmented Reality with ARKit and now this announcement about rolling out AR glasses is expected to be a huge breakthrough. The latest iPhone models are already equipped with Augmented Reality applications. And with the release of Apple AR glasses, the market is definitely expected to get more powerful.

Will Apple ARKit Play a Role in AR Glasses Success
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AR glasses are expected to play a huge role in Apple’s future success stories. It may give rise to multiple new opportunities on how Augmented Reality can make our lives simpler. So, for now, we have to wait and see what the future beholds.

When are Apple AR Glasses Releasing?

As of now, there is no fixed date about Apple AR glasses launch but as per rumors have claimed it is going to be somewhere around the middle of 2020.

How Much They Will Cost?

Apple has not given any final verdict over AR glasses release yet, but if we analyze current market trends of AR glasses pricing and compare it with Snap Spectacles then it is definitely going to come with an expensive price tag.

How Much They Will Cost
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Will Apple AR Glasses Have Any Competitors?

For sure! Apple will have to pass a lot of hurdles in order to make its way in the Augmented Reality industry. Google has already majored in the same ground and stands concrete with Google Glasses. So, Apple really needs to buckle up as there is going to be some serious neck-to-neck competition between these tech giants. To beat the market and make a strong position, Apple AR Glasses have to be unique and power packed with some advanced features which existing AR glasses don’t offer.

What all Features Can We Expect from AR Glasses?

AR glasses are literally the future of technology! Something which we could have never thought exist, as Augmented reality transforms our dreams into reality. By wearing these AR glasses, you will be able to view all your notifications popped right in front of your eyes without having to check your phone. You can also get access to other important information like current weather updates, match scores, view pictures, videos and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Apple AR Glasses are expected to be light weighted and convenient so that you can wear them all day long without feeling tired.

So, how excited are you about Apple AR Glasses release? Will this change the way how you use your iPhone and iPad? Share your thoughts in the comments box below! We will be more than happy to hear from you.

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