Apple Announce iOS 13.4: All New Features iPhone and iPad Users Will Get

Apple has announced a new iOS and iPad OS update, version 13.4, which will bring iPhone and iPad users some exciting new features and add-ons. Apple’s iOS 13 was one of its most significant updates, which spawned a separate iPad OS line of operating systems for Apple’s iPad devices.

iOS 13, which marked the beginning of a series of Dark Mode features and compatibility added to numerous devices and other operating systems, completely changed the way iPhone and iPad devices were operated. Apps like Shortcuts were revamped with added functionalities and capabilities to Siri. And less than a year later, we are already into the fourth update of iOS 13. Here’s all that you need to know about iOS 13.4 and its new features introduced for both iPhone and iPad devices:

1. iCloud Folder Sharing

iCloud Folder Sharing
With iPhone and iPad devices, users would now be able to share entire folders over iCloud. The folder-sharing will work just like you share files and folders on Google Docs. Invite a person by creating a shareable link and allow that person direct access to it. You can also give permissions to view or edit that particular folder if you wish so.

The feature has finally made its way after a long wait as it was earlier announced with iOS 13 Beta and was pulled from the consumer release of the update.

2. Universal Purchase Support for Apps

Universal Purchase Support

With Universal Purchase support, the apps that you purchase of the App Store will now be bundled with cross-platform accessibility and compatibility. This means that you’ll be able to use the apps and in-app purchases on all Apple operating systems that are, iOS, iPad OS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS depending on which platforms that app is available.

This means that developers can now offer a one-time purchase of an app-bundle to all their Apple users.

3. New Memoji Stickers

New Memoji Stickers

The animated avatars are now joined in by nine new members adding up to the Memoji family. The new stickers will be available with the new 13.4 update on iPhone and iPad devices.

4. Mouse Cursor for iPads

Mouse Cursor for iPads

iPad users will now be able to connect a mouse through a USB or Bluetooth to their iPad devices and will be able to navigate through their session on the device through a mouse cursor. The feature was only available for users having the new 2020 iPad Pro but can now be accessed by every iPad user with the 13.4 iPad OS update.

5. CarKey


Apple has now introduced a new CarKey feature for iPhone and Apple Watch users with the iOS 13.4 update. CarKey will allow users to unlock their cars or even start their engines if any of the car functions are NFC-supported.

A user must add his CArKey to the Wallet app on his iPhone. After that, you can keep your phone close to the car’s NFC receiver and bingo! You can get your car unlocked via phone. You won’t even have to unlock the phone to carry out the task.

6. Apple Mail Redesigned

Apple Mail Redesigned

The iOS 13.4 brought individual quick action buttons back to the Apple Mail app. The iOS 13 update had put some of the actions under a sub-menu. This time Apple redid the job and gave the users back their convenience.

Now, actions like Trash, Move to Folder, Reply, and Compose Message has individual buttons in the native Apple Mail app on iPhones and iPad devices.

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7. VPN Disconnected Indicator

VPN Disconnected Indicator

It’s just a small icon added to the notification bar that will indicate whether a VPN connection is turned off or on. The feature will, however, be available on iOS 13.4-powered iPhones with an all-screen display.

8. “Hey Siri” on Face Down

Hey Siri

Users will now be able to use Apple’s voice assistant Siri even when the phone’s facing down. To enable this feature, users would be required to override default settings and permit Siri to stay enabled even when the screen’s covered. An additional command  – Go to Home Screen has been added to Siri.

9. New Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

For those using external keyboards with iPad devices, the iPad OS 13.4 will allow them a full new range of shortcuts enabled to give them complete control of their device via keyboards. Besides, users will be able to remap these shortcuts by changing the behavior of keys such as Command Key, Option Key, and Globe Key.

10. Lyrics on Apple Music

Lyrics on Apple Music

After many music player apps and music streaming apps made this feature common, Apple Music has joined the line. Now Apple Music song streams will be supported by live lyrics synced with the rhythm of the song, making it easier for users to follow the lyrics of their favorite musical numbers.

iOS 13.4 is the latest in line of updates for iPads and iPhones and has finally brought a change to the users’ devices, bringing in far more features than iOs 13.2 and 13.3 updates. If you own an iPhone or an iPad, it’s time you upgrade to iOs 13.4 and start using these features.

Just head to Settings>>General>>Sofware Update and get going.

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