Apple AirTags Launching Soon: All You Need to Know

Yes, that’s right! Pretty soon a new product is going to be added to Apple’s league—AirTags. The buzz about AirTag’s launch is hitting all over the tech news column, and we’re curious to know what is it all about and what all functionalities will it offer. A bunch of rumors has speculated there and now, and Apple has finally announced that AirTags will be launched very soon. And iOS 13 has also mentioned about AirTag support, so this confirms that Apple will be releasing AirTags anytime soon.

So, before our curiosity takes a U-turn, let’s quickly understand what is Apple AirTag to get a hint of what is it all about.

What is AirTag?
What is AirTag
Image Source: Mac Rumors

Apple will soon be launching AirTag, which is supposedly a tracking device that can be linked with items like wallet, keys so that you never lose them. AirTag is a handy, Bluetooth tracking device that will smartly link with other devices, helping you to find lost items easily.

Ring a bell?

Yes, a variety of similar products are already available in the market, and now it’s Apple turn to step in this segment. Most of us are aware of products by Tile and Adero that offer an almost similar set of functionalities. Although, as far as we’ve heard about AirTags, this tiny tracking device will only be integrated with Apple devices.

Talking of hardware, AirTags will be launched in a small tile-like shape with a tiny Apple logo in between. Also, based on rumors and speculations, it has also been heard that AirTags will be launched in classic white color in the ring-shaped design.

How Will it Work?

Well, understanding the AirTag mechanism is pretty simple and straight forward. As we mentioned earlier, AirTag will act like a Bluetooth tracking device that you may use to link all other Apple products and devices, so that you never lose them. AirTags will feature built-in chips that will link other items to this tracking device.

How Will it Work
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Also, not just Apple devices, AirTags will also help you in tracking everyday items like wallets, keys, bags, etc. so that you can easily track down items that are away from your sight.

So, with the help of AirTag, you can not just keep track of your iPhone, Mac, and iPad but also make the most of it by linking it with other everyday items so that you never lose them again. Awesome, right?

How to Track Down Lost Items?
How to Track Down Lost Items
Image Source: iClarified

All the items that you tag with the AirTag device will appear on the map. And the moment you lose any of the items, you will instantly be notified on your iPhone. Also, there will also be a feature where the item will ring a chime sound so that you can locate it easily.

How Much Will AirTags Cost?

Till date, we’ve heard nothing about the expected price range of AirTags. But if we take a quick look at similar Bluetooth tracking devices that are available in the market with the same functionalities’ they cost around 25-30$ roughly. So, now we have to see will Apple follows a similar pricing range or will keep it higher or cheaper in comparison.

When Is Apple Planning to Release AirTag?

Lucky enough, iOS 13 has shown quite a few signs of AirTag support functionality. So, we may expect the launch of this nifty tracking device pretty soon. Although some of the sources have also claimed that AirTags will be launched by the end of the year 2020. It looks like we till then we have to wait!

Here was a quick guide on what is AirTag, Apple AirTag features, expected release date and everything else that we know so far about this Apple-owned Bluetooth tracking device. What do you feel about AirTag? Do you think Apple will be able to set its foot firmly in this segment? Feel free to share your feedback and let our readers know how you feel about Apple AirTags. We’d be more than happy to hear from you!

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