Android Users Finally Get a Dose of Nostalgia with Super Mario Run

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Initially tailor-made for iOS, Nintendo’s blast from the past, Super Mario Run, will now be available for Android users as well. Mario has always been one of the most loved games of all time, with millions of users worldwide. We all have spent our childhood hopping in that mushroom castle kingdom, to while away time on hot summer afternoons.

Android gaming enthusiasts can now get the game from play store right away.

Nintendo’s first Android Mario game is everything you want it to be. It comes loaded with a solid platform and exciting new levels. It has that addictive hook that will keep players coming back for more. Super Mario run is one of a kind game and don’t even need two hands to play it. In its first few days on the Apple App Store, Super Mario Run became one of the top sellers under the ‘most popular games category’.

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The latest game version which debuted three months ago, is better still with all newer updates and bug fixes, plus a bunch of small but interesting improvements.


The core mechanics still stay the same like the user controls, an auto-running Mario, tap to jump over crevices, enemies, and shimming up the walls. The game has also introduced new playable characters like Peach, Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette; and there’s one Toad Rally, which pins your Mario against people around the world for style and points. Not just this you can also customize the look and feel of Mario and the buildings he inhabits.

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Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free which initially offers three stages and once you purchase the game (9.99$), you will be able to play all the modes with no additional payment required. Still waiting? Get ready to run and download your favorite game from right here

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
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