Android P’s New MultiTasking Gestures

With Android Pie, there are a lot of changes that you will notice in your Android smartphone Most important of them are navigation gestures similar to iPhone X. The gesture controls are not activated by default on the existing Android smartphones. However, if you have Android Pie on your Android device then you can enable these Android P features with ease.

With the new OS, you get seven new swipe gestures which you can enable to multitask them. In this post, we have listed seven swipe gesture that could help you while working on Android P.

Get To Multitasking View

Two of buttons earlier present, Home and Back are still functional the way it used to. The back button can’t be seen when you are on home screen as there no place to go back to. Also multitasking button is now replaced by the gestures. The first gesture to mention is instinctive, to go multitasking view, swipe up on home button (horizontal pill shaped button)

Use Multitasking View: Swipe Through Apps

As you are in multitasking view, you can swipe from left to right to switch between open apps on your Android. If you tap on an app, it will be go full screen on your phone.

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Close the app by swiping up:

Earlier, to close an app, you need to swipe right or left from multitasking window. However, with this new upgrade, menu works differently, you need to swipe vertically to dismiss the open app. You can also dismiss all the running apps by clicking Clear All. You can find the button to the extreme left of the menu

Swipe Up Multitasking Interface To Open Apps You Like

When multitasking view is open, you will get a Google search bar along with a dock at the lower end of user interface. It is not original dock, it is set of different apps which are suggested by Google AI that you could launch.

To get back to normal dock icons from home screen, do a long press on any vacant space on launcher, then select “Home screen Settings.” Under Settings, choose “Suggestions” then deactivate Apps and also Actions

If you don’t find apps that you are looking for in dock or recent apps view, then you could try another thing. To open app drawer, swipe up from the lower end of screen. Once it is open, you can launch app that you want.

View Apps With Long Swipe:

If you are wondering that you can’t open the app drawer by previous method used in Android Oreo. You can either go to App drawer by using the steps given in above steps.

When you have any app open, swipe up from home button (horizontal pill shaped button), but continue swiping almost all the way from topmost part of screen. This “long-swipe” gesture will launch app drawer in one go.

Quick Scrub to Walk Multitasking View

Home button comes with different sliders. To scroll through open apps in multitasking view, swipe it to right side and hold your finger in one position. Now, wait till the app you wish to open is chosen, then simply release the hold and app will launch.

Swipe Navigation Bar to Switch Between Last 2 Apps

Earlier to get to recent apps button, you need to use double tap gesture. Now with Android P, swipe to the right side on home button to switch between two recently used apps. All you need to is swipe the home button laterally.

So, these are some of the gestures for multi-tasking that you can use with Android P. Try them and let us know which Android P feature you will use the most!

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