Android P AI Features At A Glance

Google rolled out its new OS, Android P at the I/O Developers Conference and it was nothing less than an affair. After the rollout, Google also came up with Android P Beta version to give users an idea of what all it has to offer with the new OS.

Other than improvements and tweaking in existing features, Android P also came up with some exciting features. As per Google’s announcements these new features are related to Artificial Intelligence and will be able to simplify user’s life as well aid to their comfort of life. This article aims at briefing users about the latest Android P AI features that are smart as well a refreshing.

Android P AI Features at A Glance:

Google with its Android P Beta aims at providing an easy and comforting environment to the users. Smart Android P AI features are not just exciting but also adapt to user’s behavior easily and provide an added comfort.

1. Smart Suggestions- Suggestions About User’s Next Actions:

Smart Suggestions

Google came up with the Smart Suggestion for the first time with Android Oreo. However, with the rollout of Android P, Smart Suggestions has become even smarter. Smart Android P AI can proactively act according to user’s behavior now. Say, if user connects his headphones with his phone, Smart Suggestion feature will ask him whether to dial the last dialed number or play the song that was last played.

Smart Text Selection however remains same as in Android Oreo.

2. Adaptive Battery- Save Phone’s Battery:

Adaptive Battery

Android P is based on an altogether improved machine intelligence that lets it focus on the measures taken to control battery usage thereby providing a smooth battery life experience.

With Adaptive Battery, Android P AI can easily monitor the users behavior towards app usage. Adaptive Battery works by observing the app usage at any point of time and restricts the background process for the time when the app is not used by the user.

Let us say, you book a cab every day in the morning to reach my office, so Adaptive Battery will restrict the background process of OLA/Uber for the rest of the time. Less apps running in the background means maximum battery is saved.

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3. Adaptive Brightness- For a Better Display:

Adaptive Brightness
Img src:TNW

Just like Adaptive Brightness helps in keeping the battery life in good condition, Adaptive Brightness adjusts the screen brightness automatically depending upon the light conditions. This means no need to manually adjust the screen brightness of your mobile device, isn’t it a great relief!

Smart Android P AI, easily calculates users priorities for screen brightness at different times of the day and automatically adjusts it.

4. App Slices: For Quicker Actions:

App Slices

App slices lets you access the features of an app directly, thereby eliminating the need to visit them. Hey, it doesn’t mean you can access any app that isn’t installed even, the app you want to access should be there on your Android device.

App slices works by displaying not just the app icon but also its features, whenever a user Google Search an app from the app drawer. Having the ability to access app features without entering the app eliminates the long route and saves both time and energy.

5. Reply Faster Directly from the Notification Area:

This is yet another interesting and useful feature of Smart Android P AI. Using this feature, it is possible to reply directly from the notification area whenever a notification is received. That means, user doesn’t have to visit the app to reply.

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6. Dashboard- To Cut Down Smartphone Addiction:

dashboard in android p

This feature is made keeping in mind the extremities in smartphone addiction. To help in digital wellbeing of smartphone users, Google came up with Dashboard. Dashboard is designed to observe user’s addiction towards social media and smartphone usage and suggests measures such as switching the smartphone off and spending some quality time. Three main features introduced in Android P AI are:

Dashboard send notifications to users, informing them about the time they spend on their phones.

App Timer puts an app to sleep after it has been used for a pre-set specific time.

Wind Down can perform multiple tasks like enabling the DND mode, switching on the Night Mode, limiting the amount of blue light emitted from your mobile device etc.

All these features aim at increasing the overall wellbeing of a customer.

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Google aims at providing its customer the best of experience. With its Android P Beta, it has tried its best to provide some top-notch features to enhance overall smartphone experience. Android P AI features are a must use by any user to decrease overall strain and increase the efficiency.

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