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What does N stand for in Android N?

Google’s teasing you with it!

A comprehensive look at the what the latest version of Android would feel like. Have a look!

Yes, Android Admirers, Finally, one of the most awaited news has come from Google about the launch of Android N, where N could possibly be Nutella, Nacho or Nugget or are we missing something?

Well, Google has broadcast that the Android N would be soon out in these summers. However, the Android N developer preview has been out to download in Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Pixel C. Android N

Nonetheless, the early developer preview has been introduced so that developers can look up for fixing the bugs and provide feedback of Android N. By this preview, developers will be able to test the compatibility of Android N with various applications. This implies that we cannot use it as if now since the work is in progress, as stated by Google.

The VP of Engineering, Google, said that “the Android version N is very close to the completion process and we will invite consumers to try it as well.

We did not expect that Google would initiate the talks about Android N till it conducts its I/O developer conference in May. But to the surprise, it even launched its developer’s preview.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP for Android, Chrome OS, and Chromecast, has announced that “the final release of Android N will be decided by the device manufacturers”. He added that “Google’s plan till now is to release the Android N in the third quarter of 2016”.

What N can be in Android N? Counting sweets name from N?

Except for the Android Alpha and Android Beta, Google has always preferred to keep the Android OS names on sweets and food stuff rather than brands. At the present day, we have Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow. Although KitKat version of Android OS is an exception since it is a brand name. So, this dilemma may end up in creating a problem to name Android N.  Keep an eagle eye on!

Features of Android N

For the present time, let’s roll our eyeballs to look for the new and interesting Android N features which Google has revealed.

Split Screen Feature

This feature has been added up in the OS to increase its multitasking strength.

Android N facilitates users to open top and bottom apps simultaneously in the portrait split screen mode.  However, Android N is still under preview and does not allow all the apps to make use of this feature. The applications for which users cannot use split screen feature as if now will be indicated by OS.

Android N features

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Instant Reply through notifications

Android N has added a new feature which will give users the facility to reply instantly to the messages in the notification area only. As in, no need to open the messengers!

Instant reply android N

Night Mode

Android N has Night Mode in it which will allow users to implement the dark theme to lighten up those areas where light themes are used, such as settings.  This feature can either be automatically enabled as per the location of the user; time of day or user can customize the settings related to brightness and tint.

Android N theme

Android M has dark theme feature in it, however, when the final version of Marshmallow came, the OS was found to be deprived of this feature.

Doze modifications

Doze enhancements will allow Android N users to save the battery even when absorbed with the work on devices.

Whenever the screen will go off for a particular time period, or device will not be charging, doze will execute a subset of CPU to restrict the network to access apps. Although, on charging the phone or turning on the screen will bring it out of the doze mode. This will allow users to save battery even when they have kept phones in their pockets.

Android N modes

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Doze mode was added to Android M also to reduce the battery consumption. However, the issue with this Doze feature in Android M was that it required the device to be off for quite a long time to activate Doze mode. And this can hardly happen with those only who check their phones once in a few hours.

Internet data saver

Android N has landed up with a new option called “data saver” to keep the usage of data low especially when you are close to the finish of your data plan.

This feature will not only abolish the data usage taking place in the background but will also notify users to use the data carefully to run foreground applications so as to save users from running out of the balance due to the overuse of internet data!

Data saver android N

Well, these are just those features that have been previewed in developer mode, a lot more will be added to the actual version on release of Android N! Stay tuned!

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