Android Becomes Internet’s Favorite OS, Surpasses Windows

Rather than PC’s people now tend to surf more on their smartphones. Yes, you gotta agree on this fact! Windows always held a pre-dominance in the desktop landscape, but has failed to make a dent in the smartphone segment. Thanks to the vast dominance of Android revolution, now owning a smartphone is not so “Out-of-budgety” task. Mobile is today the prime consumer of Internet when it comes to the Internet and apps. According to a research based on more than 2.5 million websites, it was found that Android now dominates over Windows on Internet usage.

internet usage statistics

StatCounter, a major analytics firm has claimed that in March 2017, 37.93% of all Internet users used an Android device to surf the Internet, while only 37.91% users used a device running Windows. iOS took the third place with 13.09%, followed by OS X with 5.17% and Linux with a measly 0.75%. It’s a small gap for sure — and it refers to usage not necessary users — but it marks a notable tipping point that has been inevitable for the past couple of years.

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The Flood of Android Devices

Experts predict that the reason behind these stats, may be the numbers, as in the bulk of Android devices used all over the world. In simple parlance, the more the number the number of devices, the more Internet consumption. A mass of Android’s users came from Asia, where more than half of all Internet users used an Android device last month to surf the Web.


On the other hand, Windows had a much smaller market share, with only 29.23%. Quite justified, if compared to the low-cost Android devices, available for next-to-nothing prices.

Well, let’s keep aside the numbers and stats! It’s a day recorded as a notable achievement for Android. Windows has always been one tough top-spot since the 80’s, breaking this legacy and dominating the numbers has proved out to be one big milestone for Android. Way to go!

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Guess it’s time for Windows to drive back in game by launching some super cool gadget or innovation. Users are sorely waiting to see their next move.

The Battle Is On! Watch out this space for more updates.

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