What’s New In Android 12 Developer Preview 1

With security concerns rising year after year, all the operating systems have been upgrading and trying to keep up. This year, with the Android 12 Developers’ preview, much more is anticipated. The Android Developer Preview 1 has been released and looks like a lot of exciting features might get added to your favorite OS.

As stated by Google, they are working on making the OS smarter and easier to use for all Android users around the world. The newest Android version showcases much more potential in enhancing the performance of its users.

Who can access Android 12 developers preview 1?

Right now, Android 12 developer preview 1 can be installed on these Google phones –

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a XL

Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a 5G

Google Pixel 5

Developers can download Android 12 developer preview 1 on the system with the Android emulators in Android Studio for testing purposes.

Note:  The Android 12 initial preview is released only for the developers and not for the regular users. More consumers can get a hold of it once the beta version is released. The below image shows the timeline of the Android version release. 

Android 12 developers preview

Features of Android 12 developers preview 1 –

Android 12 is coming up with more features to enhance the security and accessibility of the users. The trust it has gained over the years will continue to grow as the Android 12 comes with more control and transparency for the devices and data privacy.

So, first, let’s talk about the security measures-

  • The newest version of Android in its developer’s preview will be released with the attribute to prevent the third-party application to export the user’s activities and data. Now, such components have to declare in a process to declare the activities being tracked. Applications running in the background will be limited to start the foreground services.
  • For the Webview, it will be incorporating new SameSite cookie behaviors. It will be able to provide the user with information about how cookies are using the user’s information across the different sites.
  • Google has been working on improving the privacy section for users for years now. Disabling all sensors on the phone with one tap will be easier for users to stop sharing access to location, microphone, and camera.
Android 12 developers preview
Image source: xda-developers.com
  • Conversations widgets are another transformation in Android that will make it very accessible for users. It can be accessed from the People shortcut where you can add an avatar, name, notification content, and status for the contact.
Picture in Picture resizing the frame
Image source: xda-developers.com
  • Notifications will be customized to be on the same pattern for making them visually appealing. It will appear with asymmetry and the icons and notifications will show in the same fashion. 
  • Settings app sees a redesign as it includes a new rounded search bar and a large profile picture. A blue hue can be added to the sections, and it indicates a pattern associated with new themes.
  • The Media Player appears in a new form with more controls in both the locked screen and notification panel. A pop-up for connecting to the Bluetooth device also seemingly appears with one tap.

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  • Snoozing notifications is also another trend that will be available in the stock Android with Android 12.
  • Picture in Picture resizing the frame made easy with the pinching method. Previously, you could only change the frame size by the corner of the frame. This also allows you to place the frame anywhere on the screen.
  • A new menu is introduced to show all the apps used recently for playing media on the Android device. Here you can give the permissions for the media controls easily.
  • SOS can be now enabled faster with the five times tap on the Power key. This makes it easier to reach out to the emergency contact and dial for the emergency services in time.
  • Screenshot editor is bringing the much-awaited changes to edit the screenshots right after capturing the screen. It will be available on Stock Android and seems to be very helpful. You can add text over the images, place the emoticons and change the sizes just like the edits on the Snapchat app.
  • Although the user interface does not look a lot different than Android 11, you will find the hidden changes which are very useful. The night theme showcases a nearly black color theme rather than the pure black color.
  • We already love the navigation gestures introduced in Android 10. It has been simplified by Google for smooth operation with Android 12. Only swipe is required to go back in change with the current two swipes on Android 11. Additionally, the notification car can be accessed without extra swipes.
  • Android 12 is set to expand its support for the Android TV and foldable devices, tablets. Android 12 developer preview 1 for the Android TV is already available for download.


With these features, we can say that it’s about time, we expect big things from Android and wait for them to enrich our experience. Making screenshots more functional, changes in the settings panel and advanced themes will surely be worth the wait. And this is just the beginning of unraveling new additions in the features and we are excited for the launch of Android 12 which is tentatively due in August 2021. What feature would you like to see in Android 12, let us know in the comments section below?

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