Android 11 Public Beta is Finally Rolled Out. Here’s How to Install It

After a series of Developer Preview, Android 11’s first Beta release has finally arrived.

After the cancellation of Google I/O 2020, due to coronavirus, the Android 11 Beta release was planned on June 3rd, but the event was postponed. Now that it is finally released users will get an early look at what’s coming when the big update will be released later this year.

The update brings plenty of new features – focusing on privacy, communication, and controlling connected devices.

Certain features which were ditched in Android 10 like Bubbles have found their way back with Android 11. Using it, users can quickly access conversations irrespective of the app they are using.

If you want to test Android 11 before it’s full launch and wants to know what all it offers, you can by reading further.

 How to get Android 11 Beta?

To get the Beta version of Android 11, you will need to sign up for the Android beta program. Before doing that remember, since it is a beta release, it might have bugs and issues. Therefore, if you are ready to take the risk here’s what you need to get Android 11 beta for pixel devices

Android 11 – Compatible Devices

For now, Android 11 is compatible with Google Pixel’s phone. If you have a Pixel 2 or higher version you can enjoy using Android 11 today.

In weeks to come, Android 11 Beta will be launched for more devices. But on which phones there’s no news about the same. As we learn more, we will update the post.

Now that you know what all devices you can get Android 11 on if you have access to them visit the Android Beta Program page.

Read the warning and caveats before you proceed.

In addition to this, you can watch this YouTube video. In this, we show how to get Android Q, but the similar steps will work for Android 11.


  1. Scroll down to look for the phone you want to install Android 11 Beta on.
  2. Click Opt-in button next to the phone details
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and click Join Beta.
  4. Next pick the phone and head the Settings > System > Advanced > System Update > Check for update.

Wait for the registration process to complete. If you do not receive an update again Check for the update, you will get it.

What Features Are Added Android 11?

  • Smart Home Control – Android 11 brings smart home controls on an OS-level. This means you can control Google Home connected devices easily using your Android device.
  • One Time Permission – Improved location or camera permission. This means instead of granting permission for the long term; Android 11 will let you give access to just one time.
  • Easy Media Switching – Similar to AirPlay in Control Center Android 11 offers a drop-down menu to switch between media hardware.
  • Screenshot Interface – Now you will be able to preview a screenshot this will make editing it easy.

With this, we can say Android 11 will bring some new and advanced features for its users. By the third quarter, most likely in August or September we might get the final Android 11 release.

I would recommend waiting for the final release instead of downloading Android 11. The longer you wait, the more stable and bug-free version you will get.

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