An Insight Into PlayStation Plus And Why You Need It

Different gaming companies provide different online services. These services include multiplayer option, share, and discounts on game downloads but of course they come for a price. In this a we will take a look at the new online service by Sony named PlayStation Plus.

What Is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is the online service that Sony provides. It is available for all PlayStation devices. Sony provides different discounts on its games with multiplayer playing options. You can also get other features which we will discuss below:

Playstation Plus

Online Multiplayer:

To play online with other players on Sony PlayStation you need PlayStation Plus subscription. With PlayStation Plus subscription you will get the ability to play online. However, you do not need to purchase PS Plus subscription to play any single player game.

Online multiplayer

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Save Game Progress On Cloud

Another advantage of buying PS Plus subscription is, you get cloud space to save data. This comes handy if you are playing on different console and want to save your game progress. Cloud saving is also useful in saving space on the console as all your game saves will be on cloud.

Save game progress on cloud

Free Games

PS Plus subscription will give you access to some free games. Anyone who wants to expand their library should purchase PS Plus subscription.

PS Plus subscription entitles you to get two free games every month. Games that you have added in your library will be in your collection as long as you have subscription.

With subscription you will also receive games for your PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and other PlayStation versions.

free games

Share Play Feature

With share play feature you can broadcast your gameplay to friends and share screenshots with them. With Share play feature you can let your friends play your game without even buying the game itself. You can also play with your friends in multiplayer mode even if they do not own the game.

share play feature

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Exclusive Deals:

Deals are everywhere for PlayStation Plus members. This extra benefit will save you lots of money. Many a time you will get great deals on big titles.

Exclusive deals

PS Plus subscription comes in 3, 6 and 12-month membership. Apart from paid subscriptions Sony also gives 14-day trial for new members.

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12-month subscription will cost you a hefty $59.99. So, keep a check on your savings and only after calculating, purchase the subscription. Considering free games and other services it is always a great deal in purchasing PS Plus subscription.

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