Amazon Prime Drone Delivery: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Roll back a decade in time and remember how much we had to wait to receive our online shopping packages. Almost forever, right? Amazon Prime Delivery service was like a complete revolution as we can now get our packages delivered to our doorstep within 24 hours of order time (And that too with no additional delivery cost).

But five years ago, when Amazon announced about their hi-tech air mailing delivery service known as “Amazon Prime Drone Delivery” it was like a dream come true. Amazon Drone Delivery was like the future of delivery services as it was designed in a way where small drones could carry five pounds worth of cargo and deliver it to our doorstep in just 30 minutes within the order time. This was like a huge commitment which the company offered to users assuring them a super-fast shipping delivery service that would take online shopping to a whole new level.

Prime Air—Amazon Delivery Drones

Prime Air—Amazon Delivery Drones

These drones are surely looking like the future of delivery technology. Getting your package delivered to your doorstep within 30 minutes of ordering time, doesn’t this feel like a dream? It sure does! Amazon Delivery Drones are designed with Automated collision avoidance technology which helps them from not crashing into any kind of physical objects in the air like buildings, electric poles, birds, wires or anything. So, if the climatic conditions are favorable and all works well, you might just receive your package in like 10-15 minutes of ordering.

Five Years are Gone—Where Are the Drones?

The inception of each big technology comes with a lot of commitment and challenges. It’s been almost five years since the company announced about Prime Air, their Drone delivery service but it has not turned out in the way how it should have been. Whatever the reason may have been, but it’s worth questioning, right?

Five Years are Gone—Where Are the Drones

Amazon Drone Delivery service could’ve been a huge hit and especially when drone industry is quite on a roll since last few years. So, what actually went wrong? Why couldn’t this amazing air delivery concept reach to mainstream? Well, before you start scratching your head way too much here’s the truth. It’s majorly because of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations which somehow stopped these drones from being the future of online delivery.

And no, the challenges are not over here. According to a survey, which was conducted before the launch of this service it was asked to a majority of individuals that what kind of products will they like to be delivered via a buzzing drone over their head. Surprisingly, there was not a lot of positive response from potential customers. Not taking sides or anything, but just imagine the whole scenario when your package is flying in the air crossing half the city crowd is then landed at your doorstep? Isn’t this too much of risk?

Drones Do Need a Lot of Work!

Drones Do Need a Lot of Work

Talking in 2019, the drone industry is still evolving! So, picturing a whole concept which was thought five years ago may seem like a tough nut to crack. To manage drones, you sure need a certain set of skills, sound knowledge of end-to-end flight systems, a slight knowledge of robotics too maybe. Not just hardware, you also have to be pro on the software end where you can take care of all the functioning, fix bugs without any help. Having a massive force of trained personnel likes surely involves a lot of hard work.

Adding more to the list of worries, climatic conditions will also play a crucial role in drone delivery. All the delivery drones must be well-tested against icy, rainy, snowy or any sort of critical climactic condition. And this whole process needs a lot and a lot of time and on-going development!

So, no matter how real and fascinating this idea may sound, Amazon Drone Delivery service surely involves a few more years of hard work and thought before this project can actually take off as a success!


  • comment_avtar
    Will work in cities but doubt country areas like Maine. But if it keeps costs down, I am all for it.

    5 years ago

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