Amazon Fire TV Cube: Everything You Need to Know

Calling Amazon Fire TV Cube, the future of home entertainment would be the perfect and precise way to describe it. You can also think of Fire TV cube as a smart version of Amazon Fire TV capabilities as it also includes Alexa support. Yes, that’s right! Released back in 2018 June, Fire TV Cube is one of the recent set-top box addition in the range which offers unique voice control capabilities to enhance our home entertainment experience. It is the perfect blend of Fire TV and Echo Dot where you can interact with your home theatre with voice commands to make the most of your viewing experience.

Amazon Fire TV Cube comes at a fire price of 119.99$ and is one must have devices that fits nicely on your home theater stand.

amazon fire tv cube

What is Amazon Fire TV Cube?

Amazon Fire TV Cube is basically a two in one device which offers both Fire TV and Alexa capabilities. So, instead of buying two separate gadgets for your home theatre system you can rather go for Fire TV Cube. You can finally say goodbye to your TV remote and interact with your TV by mere voice commands. With the convenience of using Alexa voice commands for basic playback controls on your home theatre system, you can upgrade your viewing experience and take it to a whole new level.

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Say Goodbye to Remote

goodbye to remote amazon fire tv cube

You can simply use Amazon Fire TV Cube with your voice commands and search for your favorite content online. It also includes an IR blaster that offers voice control for not just your TV but also the soundbar, AV receiver, and whatever else you have.

With Amazon Fire TV Cube, you can finally ditch the old-fashioned way of controlling TV with remote and instead interact with it through voice commands, which is obviously way cooler. However, if you still like to stick to remote, Amazon Fire TV Cube also comes with a tiny remote set which you can use it to control the playback. So, now as we’re through with what is Amazon Fire TV Cube let’s proceed further towards more detailed specifications and highlights.

How Does it Work?

how amaozn cube work

Amazon Fire TV Cube plays a pretty decent job in detecting voice commands. At first, it automatically detects your TV or any other equipment which is connected along. And then you simply have to fire voice commands to control everything, which is comparatively a less-complicated way of dealing with home theatre.

Use It as A Universal Remote for Your TV

This happens to be one of the unique capabilities offered by Fire TV Cube. One of the biggest advantages of buying Amazon Fire TV Cube for your home theatre is that it can act as a universal remote. You can finally ditch the remote and interact with your TV via voice commands even when you’re not watching Fire TV content. For instance, with Fire TV cube connected to your home theatre system, you can use voice commands to turn on or off the television. You can also take Alexa’s help for controlling the volume when you have to raise or drop the soundbar levels.

This is one great revolution in-home viewing entertainment where interacting with your television without remote becomes much more fun.

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Is it Worth a Shot?

fire tv cube

Yes, so now comes a question that is it worth it? Would you consider buying this Fire TV cube instead of regular Fire TV? Well, as far as our recommendation it’s a go green signal. Amazon Fire TV Cube is the latest experiment for enhancing your viewing experience, so you should surely give it a shot. You can ditch the old-fashioned way of controlling TV with remote as Fire TV Cube does all the heavy lifting as it offers hands-free video playback for your entertainment setup.

Amazon Fire TV Cube is a smart video streaming device for your home theater system so guess, it’s finally time to say goodbye to the remote. What say, folks?

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