Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Facebook Messenger

Facebook and its messenger has made it easy for us to stay connected with our family and friends. But if you think that sending a quick message is the only thing you could do on Facebook Messenger, you are mistaken.

Facebook Messenger has several features that you are missing out. Let’s take a quick look at some of its amazing features, I am sure you must be surprised after learning about them.

Facebook Messenger can even be used by people who haven’t signed up for Facebook or have closed their account.

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Start a Group Video Chat

group video

Messenger isn’t just used for sending text messages, you can even make video calls. With Facebook Messenger, you can initiate video chat with as many as 50 people. But you will be able to see up to six people on your device at a time with the speaker always on the screen.

If you only want to listen just tap the microphone icon, the video chat will be gone.

To start a group video chat, download latest version of messenger. You can even switch an existing group conversation to a video chat or create a new one by tapping the video icon on the upper right of the screen.

Each person can enter the group chat when they are ready by tapping the “Join” button.

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Add Special Effects

Facebook Messenger has a new camera feature launched recently, it  allows you to add a variety of frames, 3D masks, stickers, and other special effects to the photos you share through messages.

You can transform selfies, group photo into anything of your choice like a reindeer, add falling snow to a scenic shot, and show your creativity.

Access Chat Without Going to Facebook


You don’t have to open the Messenger app or go to to access the chat functionality. On any web browser, simply type and get entire tab devoted to the service.

Exchange Money

exchange money

Don’t be surprised, you can now use messenger to send and receive money. It requires you to have a debit card on both ends of the transaction. But this is for free as compared to other money transfer services.

This option comes very handy, especially when you want to exchange money while chatting or you’ve want to buy something from Facebook Marketplace. The transaction will appear as embedded item right in line with your existing chat. From there the recipient can either accept or deny just by tapping.

Arrange Transportation

Arrange transportation

From within a message you receive in the mobile app, Messenger lets you request a ride from your Lyft or Uber account.

Change the Colors

change color

This one is real fun to use, you can easily change the colors of your chat bubbles by clicking on the wheel (options) in the top right corner of your chat window.

Send Files

share images

You can now share photos, documents with your family and friends in any chat window. Simply click the wheel (options) and select “add files.” This way you can share a family picture with your family and party details with your friends.

Play a Game


To play games you do not have to have to download another app or visit any other website. Just use your messenger and enjoy playing games.

You can even challenge a friend for a game by clicking on the remote control in the bottom right corner of the chat window. This even works in a group message.

Share Your Location

facebook messenger location

Instead of using a dedicated app to track location why not use the already installed app. You can now show someone where you are, you can let recipients follow your location for up to an hour with Messenger’s built-in location sharing feature.

You need to click those three little dots at the bottom of your chat window to share your location.

But, this only works from the mobile app if the location service is enabled.

Encrypt Your Conversation


Every day we read about some new password breach or ransomware attack, so security is a point of concern. But, messenger takes care of our security and for this it has added an extra layer of security for your conversations.

You can now encrypt your messages. To start such an encrypted conversation in the iOS version of Messenger, tap the new-message icon (top-right corner), then tap Secret and choose the person you want to chat with.

In Android, start a new conversation, then tap the info icon (top-right corner) and then Secret conversation.

In both cases you can tap the little timer icon in the text box and set a timer to make the conversation disappear.

More Features in Facebook Messenger

This is not all and it has several other features as well. Although messenger doesn’t have its own calendar but still it lets you create event reminders. To do so, use the Reminders button on the mobile app.

You can customize name of a group message, as can the nickname of the people in a message. The color theme of each conversation thread can even be modified as well.

Audio clips can also be sent through Messenger if you’d like to send a message without having to text or make a full audio call.

Notifications on a per-conversation basis can be silenced for so-many hours or completely turned off, both for the desktop version of Messenger and through the mobile app.

New Messenger contacts can be added by inviting contacts from your phone or, if you’re on Facebook, your Facebook friends.

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There’s also a custom Scan Code you can grab from within the app and share with others, who can scan your code to instantly add you to Messenger.


  • comment_avtar
    My photos will not load on my messenger story. It keeps saying pictures sending! And will not post. It has a white circle instead of a blue one. Please help I want to share my photos like everyone else. Thanks

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Preeti Seth
      Hello Vanedra, There are various reasons that stop Photos from loading on Messenger. Fortunately, there’s a fix. Below we will explain the reasons for the fix. Possible reasons for an error message when sending photos on Messenger using an iOS or Android phone. 1. You are using an older version of an Android or iOS device. 2. Data Saver is turned on in Messenger. 3. Slow and unstable internet connection. 4. Low storage space on your Android or iOS device 5. Trouble loading the cache files. 6. The RAM and ROM are low. 7. Permission problems with Facebook App settings. 8. Compatibility issues. If the space on your Android phone is low, you can opt for using the Messenger lite version of the app. Also, you can read the post – Another possible solution is to uninstall apps you longer use. In addition to this, here are a few ways to solve the Messenger photos not loading: 1. Restart Messenger app 2. Reinstall the Messenger app 3. Update Messenger app 4. Reset Wi-Fi connection 5. Clear Messenger Cache- To clear the cache, navigate to Settings > Application. Tap on Messenger, and from there, select the “Clear Cache” option. 6. Unmute Someone’s Story you’ve muted 7. Disable data saver (Android) Enable Mobile data (iPhone) 8. Clear browsing data and cache Hope by applying them your problem is fixed.

      2 years ago

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