Amazing Innovations without Internet – Infographic

At present everybody is seeing a vision of the Connected World and of a High-Tech world. It is being visualized that a Failure of Internet in Future would mean eventually everything in the world would come to a halt as everything is being connected to internet. All the top notch companies are manufacturing there IOT devices giving a true realization of the Connected World.

But somewhere in some nooks and corner of this world there are people who are inventing objects that would definitely make are life easy but “without the connection to the INTERNET”.

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In my infographic I am going to list some of these interesting and undoubtedly amazing innovations without the internet use.


I am sure you all would be equally amazed as me reading about the above inventions. The one thing which is common behind the objective of inventing things like this is to make our everyday task much easier than compared to present way. The other motive is give something eco-friendly to the world in the time, where global warming is increasing at an alarming speed.

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