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Ever since YouTube was launched, this World has witnessed a considerable change. The service got applauded for the variety of content you can find over it. There is a vast number of videos found on the Google-owned video streaming service. This has mainly been used to play music and watch videos. Right now, the platform has accrued a reputation of a place to circulate information. YouTube has opened the platform for content creators and made several of them, stars. It has now shifted its service of making the platform paid for the premium services after over 15 years of being free. One of the most sought-after services is YouTube Music. This is separately providing several users with the songs on a premium service as a mobile application and a web platform.

 YouTube Music updates

 YouTube Music app lets you play music ad-free and with the screen turned off, isn’t it what all of us have desired for. Don’t forget it has much more features, which are updated regularly on the web and app, making it one of the popular music platforms.

Here are some of the latest YouTube Music updates introduced:

1. Lyrics on screen:

YouTube Music update brings you another of the beautiful features, which will likely make it your favourite music app for your smartphone. This is rolled out in iOS devices and soon to be seen in the Android devices as well. You can view lyrics on-screen when you are playing a song on your smartphone and tap on the info icon. This YouTube Music update is currently only supported by a mobile application, and you won’t see it on the website.

Lyrics on screen

This can be accessed while you play a song and then go to the left side of the screen to locate icon, which has “i” encircled and then tap on it. The lyrics of the song will appear on the screen, although it is shown in a static form, unlike other services where the lyrics move on the screen as the song progresses.


YouTube Music lyrics are not available for all the songs it contains. Therefore, if you are not able to find a song’s lyrics, do not worry but try for another popular song.

As quoted by The Verge ” YouTube tells The Verge that it gets updated lyrics from LyricFind daily, but it didn’t share a timeline for how long it might take to source lyrics for specific songs.”

So, you can check for the song lyrics which are available and have fun reading them while listening to the song. These are sure to help the music lovers who are not well versed with the language of the song.


  • Users can sing along with the help of lyrics on screen.
  • Users do not need to Google the lyrics anymore to comprehend the song.

2. Subscriptions tab:

As you move the YouTube Music app on your smartphone, you will see a new change in the Library section. A button of Subscriptions is now the place where you can check all the artists and bands or channels, you follow. YouTube Music Subscriptions is the place where you can review all your subscribed channels in one place. This is a huge change and can be welcomed as one of the best YouTube Music updates. It will be helping users to analyze who they are following and make changes to it as per their choice.

This change is essential as the previous version of the app had the feature where the subscription was limited to the manual selection from the user. But now all the channels are automatically subscribed which have any liked or added songs by the user. This is why the user needs to review and check for the suggestions they get more often on their YouTube music app. However, this feature is not available on the web platform of YouTube Music.


  • Users can check all the Subscriptions at a place.
  • Users can review the subscription for making changes to the feed in the app.

To Sum Up

It is good to learn all about the app we use, to make more of its use. The updates YouTube Music introduced has been rolled out on most phones, but if it hasn’t either update your YouTube Music app or wait as it will be rolled out soon.  The lyrics on the phone while we play a song is one of our favourite updates, what about yours?

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