All You Need To Know About GoPro Hero6 Black

GoPro is a well-established name when heavy-duty, action cameras come in picture. With a vast array of high-quality products already in the market, its parent company has released a new model named GoPro Hero6 Black.

GoPro Hero6 Black

This article includes all the major features of its latest GoPro Hero6 Black action camera. So, if you are an adventurous person and wants a camera that suits your personality perfectly, this article will surely help you choose the best.

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As far as design is concerned, GoPro 6 is like GoPro 5 which was released last year. GoPro Hero6 Black is a waterproof camera that can operate while being submerged 10 meters underwater. This means you can easily use your camera while swimming or playing underwater and it does manage to get images without much distortion. GoPro Hero6 Black comes with a rubber coating on its edges.

Design Go Pro

Just like the older version of Hero Camera’s, Hero 6 is rectangular. The main attraction is the front lens that sits easily along the square home.

A red ring logo on the top represents the record button and is also called the Shutter button. The power button is present on the right edge. On the left edge is present a small lid that helps protect Mini-HDMI ports & USB Type-C port.

The battery slot is present underneath which can easily be opened by sliding the cover away from its pivot. Another benefitting point is that Hero 6 easily fits in the in same mounts used for Hero 5 making it a perfect upgrade from its predecessor.

The major attraction of all the GoPro Hero cameras including 6, is their compact design which makes them highly portable.


GoPro Hero6 Black can be controlled via 4 different ways i.e. via buttons, touchscreen, with voice control and using an associated app.

Hero 6 comes with classic buttons that can be used for shooting, capturing pictures, as well as to switch between modes.

The power button serves dual purpose. Pressing it for few seconds switches on the camera. It is also used to cycle b/w shooting modes i.e. burst, time-lapse videos, photos and videos. Other shooting modes can be controlled using the touchscreen at the back.

Go Pro features

Additional settings can be accessed by swiping right to left to turn on the ProTune. With the help of ProTune, you can easily adjust the sharpness, ISO range and the white balance shutter speed.

Even with a small display of just 1.5 inches, GoPro easily manages to make it user-friendly without posing any difficulties for the users.

Hero 6 provides users ease of access. A major number of tasks can easily be accomplished by single digits or swiping across all the four directions using the touchscreen. For instance, if you want to navigate to the gallery, simply swipe from left to right.

When swiped from bottom to top in the main preview mode, we get the general settings menu. The settings menu includes various settings such as beep volume, format of the date, screen brightness, memory card formatting and much more.

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The general settings also let you choose your voice activation settings that is indeed one of the best features of GoPro Hero6 Black. Simply turn on the setting by saying “GoPro turn on” and you will have the camera respond exactly the way you want it to, and that too just by calling out the function you want to be performed.

Below is the list of some Voice Control commands:

GoPro start recording,

GoPro stop recording,

GoPro Highlight,

GoPro take a photo,

GoPro turn on,

GoPro turn off, etc.

While there are ample commands available, GoPro still lacks at providing commands to adjust manual settings.

Lastly, GoPro Hero6 Black can also be controlled via the GoPro apps by connecting your device using the Bluetooth.


Hey, we hope you are not thinking that GoPro Hero6 Black is just a video camera. Hero 6 comes with a GP1 processor that has improved still photography manifold.

Go Pro team

Img Src: Technave

Having GP1 processor enhances the photos in terms of the dynamic range and the HDR capabilities that are used to balance the shadows and peak highlights.

A major stand out in Hero 6 Black is the pictures taken in the Night Mode. Night Mode can now take exposures up to 10 seconds long that makes the pictures good enough even in the darkest surroundings.

GoPro Hero6 Black also provides a 2X zoom.

Though there are many good reasons, there are also some drawbacks associated with Hero 6 camera. One negative aspect with still images is the quality in low light conditions.


The main element of GoPro Hero6 Black is videos. As compared to the previous version many improvements have been regarding the detail and color of the videos captured. All thanks to the GP1 Processor.

Go Pro videos

Img Src: Trustedreviews

The main feature that is added in Hero 6 is the addition of 4k at 60 frames per second. This means both fast and slow videos can be shot with ease and they turn out to be extremely smooth.

Another benefit is that all the videos shot are saved using the HEVC video codec. This ensures that no details are lost while having the minimum bit rate.

Adding more to the regular video recording is the presence of 4K video time lapse which helps in delivering great videos.

The only negative aspect of 4K60 is the limitation of physical attributes.

Other than the 4K60 mode, all the other modes use 3-axis digital stabilization.

This mode crops the image to a small extent letting the camera use the built-in motion sensors. The result is a smooth and noise-free video.


GoPro Hero6 Black comes with a huge price tag of £499. This is by far the most expensive action camera in the GoPro series.

Final Words

Well, there are ample reasons for people to buy this nifty gadget. From 4k60 capture to the GP1 processor or the 5GHz Wi-Fi transfer, GoPro Hero6 Black is the best camera till date.

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However, for such a price tag, it’s better we leave the decision up to you.

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