All You Need To Know About Google’s AR Stickers

Augmented Reality is an advanced form of modern day technology. It not just enhances what we see, look and feel, but also somewhat blurs the line between real world and machines. AR takes technology and innovation to a whole new level!

The boom of Smartphone industry has somehow shaped AR in a better form especially in terms of reachability. Google has also stepped up pace as they’ll soon launch AR stickers for Pixel 2 users. With the AR Stickers, users can place random digital objects and content in a photograph or video, catch it and share it with their dear ones. At this moment the quantity of packs is somewhat restricted, however Google will most likely expand this service shortly.

Augmented reality

Which Devices Are Compatible with AR Stickers?

Presently, only Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users will be allowed to avail this service. In addition to this, you must have Android 8.1 and above loaded on your device.

Umm..What Next?

AR stickers play store

If luckily you own any of the above mentioned Google devices then the next step is to update the existing AR apps in your device. Launch Play Store on your device and look for AR Core and AR Stickers. As soon as you find these two apps in the Play Store just make sure you update its latest version before proceeding further.

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How To Use AR Stickers On Pixel 2?

Once you have successfully updated AR Core and AR Stickers app on your device, launch the camera app on your Pixel 2 and slide in left-to-right direction to pull the menu. From the menu, tap on AR stickers option to use them on your device.

AR stickers

As we’re all aware AR is all about creating the magic of motion. So, let’s make these stickers a little more creative. Once you’ve placed the sticker, start moving your phone in circular motion. This will help the device to scan the environment and map the area in a better manner.

AR motion

While doing this you can even pinch the object to shrink or enlarge it, and using two fingers together will make it hover off the floor.

To see more details of the sticker object try seeing it from different angles and explore what all it can do. At any time when you wish to start fresh, simply drag your finger and place the sticker at any place you want.

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Share Stickers With Your Friends And Family

While you’re using AR stickers on your device, the camera app automatically display an option to click a picture or record a video. Once you decide on saving it, the respective sticker animation video or picture will be saved in image gallery where you can send or share it with friends or family.

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Here Comes a Good News…

share AR stickers

To make this whole thing a bit more fun, Google has launched special Star Wars and Stranger things sticker packs for users. So fellas, keep your eyes peeled as Google will release some more sticker packs in future. (Fingers Crossed)

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