All You Need To Know About Google Smart Lock

We can safely assume that no one in the world is unaware of the name ‘Google’. Being one of the biggest tech giants in across the globe Google is certainly the pioneer for new and amazing products that cater to both innovation and security.

Google has a database of millions of users and has added one more feature to its kitty. Google Smart Lock is the recently launched product by Google that although did not gain much popularity since it lacked the right exposure.

Though people must have heard about Google smart lock, they lack a detailed knowledge about it. This article aims at giving users an insight into Google Smart Lock and how does it work.

What Is Google Smart Lock?

Google Smart Lock was rolled to provide security to Android, Chromebooks, and Passwords. Is made to give your Android phone, Chromebook, and Passwords the utmost security. It works by automatically locking your phone when not in use and when your Android phone or Chromebook is not with you. Google Smart Lock makes sure that the phone is unlocked only when it is safe.

Users can easily choose to unlock their devices based on multiple attributes like when you have your Android phone handy, or face or voice recognition and also upon the NFC or Bluetooth connections.

Why Use Google Smart Lock?

With Google Smart Lock it is easy to keep your Android devices, Chromebooks and Passwords secure and safe. Let us read the article and know how we can use Google Smart Lock:

1. Google Smart Lock For Android

Google Smart Lock
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Smart Lock locks your Android phone automatically when it is not handy and unlocks it when you have it with you. Google Smart Lock effectively eliminate the need for unlocking your phone every now and then and let the user set up different criteria based on which the phone can remain unlocked or locked. Let’s discuss them one by one:

On-Body Detection

Google Smart Lock

This feature works by detecting your Android device according to your physical presence. If you have your Android device with you, this Google Smart Lock setting will keep your phone unlocked, whereas if you keep it down somewhere it will automatically lock the mobile phone. Isn’t that great, with this amazing feature, you can easily secure your phone from prying eyes.

Trusted Places

With this Google Smart Lock setting enabled on your phone, you can easily mark places such as your home or office as trusted. So, whenever you are at your home or office Google Smart Lock settings will keep your phone unlocked for the entire duration when you are at the trusted places. For this feature to work GPS on your Android phone should be enabled.

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Trusted Voice

The trusted voice features allow you to set your voice as a means to lock or unlock your phone. Once your voice is set, Trusted Voice setting will unlock your phone upon voice match.

Trusted Face

Trusted Face feature of Smart Lock gives users that ease of unlocking their phone using face recognition.

Trusted Devices

Google Smart Lock

The last feature of Google Smart Lock is to set up trusted devices. Whenever user connects devices such as a Bluetooth Headset, Smartwatch etc. with his Android device, a notification pops up asking whether the connected device can be added as a trusted device. If the user chooses to add the device as a trusted device, whenever user connects the trusted device with his Android phone it will remain unlocked

2. Google Smart Lock For Chromebook

Google Smart Lock

This setting can be enabled on your Chromebook and be used to unlock your Chromebook automatically when your Android phone is nearby and unlocked.

3. Google Smart Lock For Passwords

Google Smart Lock

This feature let users keep passwords of the installed apps and websites safe and secure.

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With Smart Lock Feature, Google has proved it one more time that customer security and ease of access is its utmost priority. With Google Smart Lock, all users have to do is enable some Google Smart Lock settings and they are good to go.

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