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First, let’s come on a uniformed conclusion that we couldn’t have imagined travelling outside of the places we know if we didn’t have Google Maps. Personally, for me, Navigation = Google Maps. I loved this app from the start, and with the periodic updates, I started using it even more. However, despite having the best features, what I longed for was, can there be a tool which can help me throughout my travelling outside of the country and here it is:


Recent update on Google Maps

Google has recently announced a new feature added in Google Maps, wherein, the app will take the name of the foreign location in that country’s local language. When you will search for a place in the app, and its language won’t match with the one you use in your app, it will automatically detect the language and will give you a sound option. Google Maps will pronounce the name of the location in the local language and will also give you the option to communicate with people around as well.

google maps Improve Update
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For example: If you are travelling to a place in Japan and you can’t pronounce the area’s name you are visiting, just put the address on Google Maps and a speaker button will show up besides name of the landmark. Tap on it, and it will read out the name for you in Japanese. If you want to make additional communications in a local language, this new feature will also give you the option of interacting with people in local and many different languages (wherever applicable) as it has a selection for “Get more translations” as well. The feature works just the same as Google Translator. However, now it is more convenient, as you can translate sentences and navigate without exiting the app

How Does It Work?

Please refer to the below GIF image where it’s been explained, how we can use this feature in Google Maps:

image source: Android Police

See!! A user-friendly, helpful, and a commendable feature, we will be using soon to make our lives easier. It is really a treat and a one-stop platform for the people who love to travel a lot. As they will no longer be hassled while communicating in the foreign language or locating a place on foreign land.

Rolling out period and languages

Google states that the update is getting rolled out this month for both iOS and Android, supporting many languages. At the time of launch, the initial batch of languages that will be translated are as below: 

  • Albanian 
  • Arabic 
  • Bangla 
  • Bosnian 
  • Cantonese 
  • Catalan 
  • Croatian 
  • Czech 
  • Danish 
  • Dutch 
  • English 
  • Estonian 
  • Filipino 
  • Finnish 
  • Flemish 
  • French 
  • German 
  • Greek 
  • Hebrew 
  • Hindi 
  • Hungarian 
  • Indonesian 
  • Italian 
  • Japanese 
  • Javanese 
  • Khmer 
  • Korean 
  • Kurdish 
  • Latin 
  • Mandarin 
  • Nepali 
  • Norwegian 
  • Polish 
  • Portuguese 
  • Romanian 
  • Russian 
  • Serbian 
  • Sinhala 
  • Slovak 
  • Spanish 
  • Sudanese 
  • Swahili 
  • Swedish 
  • Tamil 
  • Thai 
  • Turkish 
  • Ukraine 
  • Vietnamese 
  • Welsh

Apart from the above, more languages will be added in the coming weeks.

Continuous improvements and updates for users

The whole agenda for Google is to make the user experience better than before. Google always surprises us with one or the other updates in the existing app or a new one. First, a few months ago, the company announced an interpreter mode for the Google Assistant, where two people can speak different languages, and have a conversation using real-time translations. Following that, Google updated a new tool in the Maps app where people could pull up their travel reservations and hotel bookings, resulting in that they won’t have to leave the app while they’re navigating to a new destination. And now, this latest update of the auto-detecting language of the country you are travelling while accessing Google Maps.

A traveler using Google Maps
Image source: GSMArena

From the point of view of a traveler and the problems they face while visiting a different place, I think we can expect more surprises from the company in the coming months. For now, we are assured that we won’t face any problem while travelling knowing that an app which has the best navigation system, a feature which pronounces local landmarks for you, and a real-time translator is there to help you communicate. So, let’s travel!!

What do you think about this new feature? Do you also think it’s useful for us? Share your opinions below in the comments section.

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