All You Need To Know About Beacon Technology

In 2016, a story that dominated our news feed and provoked people of all ages to participate was Pokémon Go, when the offline and online worlds collaborated to invade our streets. However, the real credit for this game goes to Beacon Technology that brought real world and digital world together and helped in real-time interaction.

What Is Beacon Technology?

It is a piece of hardware that is attached to the wall or countertop and uses Bluetooth technology to detect nearby mobile devices for conveying messages straight to the smartphone or tablet. Messages are primarily in the form of advertisements and other associated content. They are poised to change how event organizers, retailers, enterprises, transit systems and educational institutions connect with people that are located in the range. This technology can also be deployed in home automation system.

beacon bluetooth

They are low-powered, battery saver, affordable and wireless “GPS for indoors”, designed to detect nearby Android devices and iOS of its existence. For instance, when a customer’s smartphone enters in the range, the Bluetooth Beacon’s signal activates location-based notifications and sends information or offers to target customers.

The Bluetooth low-energy beacon technology is still at nascent stage but has already invaded most of the industries including grocery stores, museums, stadiums, big retail chains and parking garages along with Apple’s 254 US stores. Bluetooth low-energy beacon is available on almost every store and several retailer websites too. SHOP NOW

What Makes Beacon Technology Different from NFC-Enabled Devices and Traditional QR Codes?

Universality: Bluetooth Beacon technology can be used anywhere as they don’t require 3G connection, GPS or Wi-Fi to transmit data.

Productivity: Accurately labelled as “Bluetooth Low Energy” device, Beacons can last up to two years on a single coin battery, cutting extra maintenance expenses.

Affordability: Bluetooth Beacon price ranges from $40 to $60 and is available in almost every shop in US. Also, they don’t demand any special training for installation.

Accuracy: Beacons technology precisely detects customers in large or in-store public spaces and swiftly ascertains their interest in a product based on proximity.

Convenient: In comparison to GPS, Bluetooth Beacon doesn’t drain the smartphone’s battery as they provide apps for efficient communication.

Beacon technology offers one-way communication and transmits data based on the location, however, they don’t stockpile data or broadcast it anywhere. Moreover, they do not bother anyone unless customers download certain apps and permit them to connect with beacons. The only drawback of this technology is that beacons work directly with those apps and the software might exploit your data. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at industries that can be transformed with Beacon technology.

how becon work

Recognizing Passengers at Airport

Several airports around the world are testing the placement of Beacon at airport security lines and entry gates to help passengers catch flights on time.

Tracking Things Smartly

Whether it is hospitals, airports, museums or warehouses, with Bluetooth low-energy beacon, it is easy to track things and people.

Beefing Up the Security

Companies around the world are exploring the potential of Beacon technology in smartphone for providing authorized access to hospitals, companies and vehicles.

Convenient Navigation

How many times have you lost track while visiting a new building to participate in a conference or while searching restroom? Beacon technology can give a complete roadmap of the building. It can also offer the details about artists in a museum or guide you regarding the instruction manual.

Revamping the Shopping Experience

From providing relevant suggestions to creating seamless online-offline experience, Bluetooth beacon can transform the way you shop. Also, as shoppers use “click-and-collect” feature, they are made to wait in queue to pick up their product. Here, Beacon technology can help store detect the arrival of customer and they can have their items ready before they even enter the store.

Beacons in-store triangulations is driven by an app, which can transform the app into a custom-made map. It can lead you straight to the items mentioned in the shopping list and display appropriate deals as you walk through the store.

Beacons in Car Dealership

In car dealership, beacon can deliver notifications based on customer’s proximity, book test drive automatically, provide personalized suggestions, produce data for user analysis, allows automatic social check-ins and make dealership convenient.

 Beacon Marketing

Imagine a text message specifically aimed at your targeted audience, which can be displayed directly on customer’s smartphone via broadcasting radio signals on regular basis. however, this doesn’t mean that you are bombarding your clients with numerous messages. Beacon technology let you do the same as they can detect devices, which have already received the message. This results in direct marketing of your products and brands to your target audience.

Beacons in Enterprise

Beacon technology can be used for the management of organization’s assets. In general, several business faces hardship in operational management and this technology can help them in inventory management and tracking, asset tracking and for process optimization.

Construction and Maintenance Industry

Beacons can be positioned in high-risk zones or in machines for receiving contextual back-end server data into mobile apps. The information can be about products, checklists, alerts, critical health and documentation of employees, especially when employees are working in the field.

Transport and Logistics Enterprises

Beacons located in transport centers can be utilized for receiving value-added service information such as passengers receiving the information about the hired cab and vice versa. They can also be used in other transport centers such as freight train stations or ferry ports to send alerts and assemble logistics data.

Be it a restaurant, retail shop or any special event, this technology can be used to mark a real-time impression on customers. As a result, several experts are claiming Beacon as the most influential technology of the decade.

This was all about Beacon technology and if you have anything to share, which is missing here, you can comment in the section below. We hope you find this article helpful. If yes, please subscribe.

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