AI Assistants That Could Boost Your Productivity

We spend our weekdays following a crazy work schedule, responding to emails, booking appointments and meetings, sending work updates and more.

These tedious and trying tasks can take up your time and these tasks are often called “metawork,” You need to complete this metawork to complete a bigger task, which is time consuming but did you know that most of these could be outsourced. With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence has developed and become useful. With virtual assistant app, you can distribute your tasks so that these could complete quicker, with more accuracy.

There are numerous AI assistants available that save time and help achieve dull work with ease. In this post, we have listed some of the best artificial intelligence assistants. If this piqued your interest, read on!

Best Artificial Intelligence Assistants

1. Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft introduced Cortana, one of the best personal assistant apps at developer conference in 2013. It works with Windows 10, Windows phone, and Windows 8.1. It is a skillful artificial intelligence assistant which can improve your productivity by booking your appointments, schedule meetings, events, reminders and more. You can integrate it Office 365 and you can also command Cortana copy or paste text from one document to another without hassle. This is not it. Moreover, it makes searches easy and you can speak up and Cortana will search it using Bing search.

Microsoft Cortana

2. Amazon Alexa

Amazon introduced Amazon Echo, smart speakers in 2013 and with that came Alexa, digital personal assistant. This virtual assistant can indulge in voice interaction, can be used for music playback, can make to-do lists, can set alarms, stream podcasts, and provide weather,sports, traffic news, and more. Alexa can be used at home as well as on work. It can listen to voice commands to accomplish tasks such as ordering supplies and other things. You can also create “Custom Skills” to enhance Alexa’s abilities. Alexa can also help you to prepare for presentation, meetings, dial conference calls and more.

Amazon Alexa

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3. Amy/Andrew

One of the best virtual assistants by, Amy/Andrew Ingram has been helping people at work since 2015. It employs natural language processing and machine learning to scan your calendar, book meetings read email for you. All you need to do is copy “Amy” in your email, and she will suggest free times. She can also manage things and schedule according to the time that works for everyone. It can schedule meetings right from your calendar.

Amy Andrew

4. launched this year. Meetings are important in doing business but can be distracting as well if you don’t what topic to discuss, what is agenda and conclusion of the meetings. is one of the best personal digital assistant beautifully transliterate the minutes of meeting, apprehends action items, do Meeting Health Index, Meeting Metrics and keeps your whole meeting history in one place. So leave all the noting down to and concentrate to meeting at hand.

5. Edison Assistant

Edison Assistant was launched in 2017. It is a smart assistant which can get hold of your email, calendar, social media accounts and your location. It then processes your content via forty-three automated features to collate daily important tasks, appointments, actions and reminders all in a single app. Edison Assistant is also capable of getting rid of duplicate contacts and remind you of birthdays of your contacts through Facebook. Edison Assistant allows you to automate texts to send when you are done for the day.

 Edison Assistant

6. Google Duplex

Duplex is a smart virtual assistant which was announced by Google this year. It is smart assistant which can your book appointment, make reservations and more. This will save a few minutes and save you from boring phone calls. Mostly if booking appointments and scheduling meetings is what you do.

Google Duplex7. Clara Labs’ Clara

Clara Labs’ Clara is a smart assistant which access your calendar in order to schedule appointments and meetings on your behalf. Clara is useful for people whose profile includes calling, scheduling interviews such as Human Resources. As you copy Clara on your email, she handles the conversation to book appointment, set and send reminders to find availability of conference rooms. Clara follows up when communication lags, which averts drawn-out scheduling processes where candidates drop off.

Clara Labs’ Clara

8. Mezi

Mezi is personal AI assistant which was launched Mez Mobile. All you need to do is answer a few questions via app’s chatbot, on the basis of it, it researches flights and hotels. It employs machine learning to modify your travel preferences and provides personalized choices.

You can ask Mezi to book your flights, hotels and check-ins for you. If you’re the one that office handling & booking travel in office, then Mezi comes with a dashboard which can manage multiple travelers.


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9. EyeEm

EyeEm is a digital personal assistant launched by EyeEm GmbH in. It scans photo library of your phone to tag images automatically. Then it examines the balance and composition of the photo to produce an aesthetics ranking.

EyeEm comes with a software development kit which can used to scan images to tag and rank photos. It makes organising your huge photo collection easy. Moreover, it provides feedback on quality of photos taken.

EyeEm10. Restless Bandit.Inc’s Restless Bandit

Restless Bandit is digital personal assistant which is used to find matches between job openings and applicants. Restless Bandit searched qualified candidates and it provides them job posting through targeted ads and email on Facebook and Google. It also retargets people who applied for same kind of jobs previously.

Restless Bandit

Will These Really Help With Metawork?

Daily mundane tasks can’t be considered as hefty but boring. However, if you estimate the time taken to complete the work over the month, then you could understand its importance. Using these AI assistants, can prove to enhance productivity and make you efficient when at work.

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