After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger to go with End to End Encryption

Facebook is reportedly up to adding end-to-encryption to its Messenger. The feature would allow users to protect their chats. Henceforth, only sender and receiver of the chat will be able to read the chat. But this feature comes at the cost of recently announced dumb bots.

Perhaps, users will only be able to choose either of the features for their operative Messenger app. The update is expected to roll out by the end of this year.

What’s Messenger E2E Encryption?

Just like WhatsApp encryption, Messenger too will tighten its security with end-to-end encryption. That means, chats would be secured with may be passwords or QR codes.

But unlike WhatsApp, Facebook will keep encryption service as an optional one. Along with this, any user opting for encryption will have to compromise on the artificial intelligence service of Facebook. This is so because AI is a server based service, while encryption and decryption process can take place between sender and receiver only.

The new encryption update is expected to be more like Google’s Allo. Users can decide when and whether they want to enter in the private zone. Google’s Allo messenger will allow users to anytime enter in the incognito mode and ensure encryption of their messages.

What’s Facebook Artificial Intelligence Service?

Facebook announced its artificial intelligent update in April this year. At the time, Mark Zuckerberg said, “Our goal with artificial intelligent is to build systems that are better than people at perception- seeing, hearing, language and so on.”

Recently, another news broke down for Facebook’s artificial intelligence’s name. It has been named as Deep Text.

Deep Text examines users post, status and messages. So now if Facebook knows about your latest post, it can refer it to the people interested in the post. This follows to make Facebook a search engine in itself.

Other Fascinating Updates of Facebook:

While encryption is about to come in sometime, there are few more updates that Facebook has unveiled for users.

  • Lately Facebook has announced an emoji update for Messenger. It will offer some 1500 new emoji in order to improvise its instant messenger. These emoji are more like WhatsApp emoji. Users will be able to enjoy emoji like female police officer, runners, swimmers and lot more. So, the newness is all awaiting to users to have their gala time!
  • Another update is Facebook live video, which allows the users to stream their videos live on Facebook. This means, suppose you are on a cruise and recording your fun video. You can now spontaneously share it on Facebook and let you friends and loved ones know what you are upto!

Artificial intelligence, emoji and Facebook live are already out here. Now we look forward for encryption in the year ahead and some more fun features on Facebook.

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