Ad Tech on Deathbed, BUT WHY?

Ad Tech is the most foremost and happening industry that will help boost the industries and businesses. But why it is not being recognized? Why isn’t it getting the level of attention it deserves?

Ad Tech is basically the medium by which one can promote products, services and valuables. It is a way how promotional schemes are represented through advertisements.

But, as ad blocking technology is getting on par, advertisements are getting killed by it. Advertisement organizations are worried about the issue. But why is it happening?

Today in this article, we will read about the reasons why ad tech is getting diminished and killed.


1. Lack of Transparency

Fake advertisements lead to the malicious content that is harmful and unsafe for our system. People publish these ads on the sites that are most used and are easier for consumers to get into the nets of malware or some unsafe content. These malicious ads are called adware.

This kills the lack of transparency in users that whether a particular ad is worth clicking or not. Most ads are authentic and redirect you to the legal website of the respective ad. Whereas other ads redirect you to 3rd party websites that could spell disaster for your system.


2. Ad Frauds & Threats

There are common techniques for making this possible. Most of the organizations puts ads to promote the page and products if available. But, most of the money minders think of it in another way.

They publish ads that are not even worth viewing and clicking. So, they publish fake ads with most attractive and interactive visuals. As soon as the user clicks on the ad, it comes out as a threat or fake page. This is the exact reason why people install an ad blocker, so that at least they don’t have to deal with fake news and advertisements.

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3. Pixel Stuffing & Ad Stacking

Talking about the fake ads, pixel stuffing ad stacking is the most common way to serve it. Pixel stuffing is the method where single and multiple ads can be published in a single 1X1 pixel frame. It is almost like an ad fraud that serves ads that are invisible to naked eye.

Talking about ad stacking method, it is a process where one ad or multiple ads are placed on the top of each other in a single advertisement slot. So, the ad which is published at the top would be visible to the user. this method increases the chances of multiple frauds at a single time.


4. Ad Injection

Ad Injection

It is a technique similar to ad stacking where multiple ads are posted on one another, hiding the original one and making it invisible for user to view. These ads are published on the website without the permission of the site owner and without paying them. These ads are secretly deployed on the webpage without the consent of the respective site owner.


5. Domain Laundering

It is now a significant danger to the digital ad tech. Domain laundering is the method where fake advertiser’s buy a domain and make it more reputable domain than the regular one. When the advertisers get to know about the domain, they start giving them the premium. But then the domain comes out as the fake domain and is potentially a threat to users. This results in fake ads and affects the advertiser’s reputation as well.

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Preventions That Should Be Taken

Just to avoid getting into any fraud or threat through fake advertisements, all we can do is take these practices for preventions given below. Because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


1. Request Transparency from your publishers

Ask about the traffic reports from your publisher. This will specify from where the traffic is originating. And, if your publisher doesn’t agree, means it is potentially a threat now.


2. Time your ads

Most of the bot ads are active in daytime. So, you can time your ads to ignore larger traffic hours and decrease the chances of being mistaken for bot ads.


3. Adjust your campaigns

Keep constantly monitoring your traffic. So that you know from where the best clicks are coming and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Most of the publishers have safety department and monitors daily activities constantly. Almost all publishers have the technology to detect and exclude invalid traffic.

So, this wall about the diminishing ad tech industry and the reasons for it.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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