A Selfie Can Reveal So Many Things On Facebook

Lately, Facebook has been trolled for data mishandling and jeopardizing the 2016 elections results. Facebook is currently under the scanner for many data and privacy related issues. Anton, Co-founder of WhatsApp also launched a campaign to delete Facebook account to keep privacy intact. Many users joined it and many are considering the option. Facebook has been called by Senate Committee to testify and also to discuss the future data privacy plans.

Amongst all this chaos for Facebook, researchers are digging deep and letting users know what kind of data is saved or stored when they use Facebook.

In this post, we will let you know what kind of data is taken when a user uploads a photo, according to Facebook’s data collection and privacy policies.

Well, it is a well-established fact Facebook doesn’t need to trail on us directly as it can easily track us through the activities on Facebook.

When you upload your photo, add a caption and tag your friends, Facebook grabs it all. The social giant examines the upload photo to know who’s in the image with its facial recognition technology. This means, if you have taken a picture at a public place, Facebook might identify more faces in a photo than you. Moreover, this is not it, it collects a lot more.

When you upload an image on Facebook, you share when and where the photo has been taken. Which phone has been used to click the photo and even the unique ID of the phone that you are using along with your service provider and nearby WiFi beacons and cell towers and a lot more?

However, there could be some data that can definitely be avoided from being shared. You can remove some of the information by editing the photo’s EXIF data (for Mac users, Photos Exif Editor and strip the data with ease). You can also remove the data by changing some of the camera settings. Although, some of the data is shared merely by opening the Facebook app.

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Note: It is not just Facebook that could get basic information by opening it, there are other apps as well, which can capture your data, no matter what permission you have given or not.

Once the photo is uploaded, the game begins. Facebook is capable of cross-indexing all the data present. So, if we say conjecturally, Facebook could record the location of anyone whose face it is able to recognize, no matter the person is tagged or not. Moreover, the cross-referencing of the data can also be done with all the information which social media giant has on you. This seems to be the source of power of being psychic of Facebook.

So, all in all, it is not a one-time thing. Every time you share a post or upload an image, Facebook gets to know more about you.  This is not it!

There is a lot of information which will come out and we will get to know what all has been captured and collected by Facebook!

To more about the information regarding this, watch this space!

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