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Email is the foundation of almost every business communication. In fact, they happen to be the most concrete and reliable form of sharing information. Millions of emails are sent and received almost every day. But majorly, Gmail is found to be one immensely popular email client amongst users. By using a bunch of cool features using Gmail can be more fun than ever.

Sales handy is one such handy tool which provides dozens of utility features. It is one ultimate free email tracking tool for your Gmail and outlook account. We are gonna discuss all of em’ in detail!

Here you go!

Introducing Saleshandy

Be it Email Tracking, Document Tracking or Mail Merge Campaign? SalesHandy DOES it ALL! With SalesHandy you can engage smartly with prospects & close more deals. Here are a few highlights.

Email Tracking- Know If Recipient Reads Your Sent Email


There a few times when you want to how many times has someone read your email? At what time? Wouldn’t you like to know what’s the most convenient time to contact someone? When they’re usually free to fully commit their attention to your email. Well, Email tracking apps helps you do this task with an ease. It tracks down every single piece of information which we often neglect. Their primary function is to analyze your activity and give a detailed insight on how your targeted contacts are performing.  To manually figure out the behavior of your contacts, you need to spend a ton of hours investigating their every move.

Exciting, right? You can download this free email tracking plugin for you Gmail via this link.

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Mail Merge


You can use the Mail merger feature to send personalized mass emails via your Gmail account. All you need to do is simply add some recipient, personalize you text body and send up to 200 emails instantly.

Mail merge has never this easy. Indeed!

Document Tracking and Analytics


Ever wondered what happens to your documents once you hit the send button? With SalesHandy’s Document Tracking, you can track your Documents, Presentations, Sales Proposals, Pitch Decks, Marketing Material and Sales Collateral and more. It helps you understand your prospects behavior and engagement regarding your documents and thereby aligning your Sales Strategy.

Email Scheduling


By using Saleshandy’s automatic follow up system you can keep your conversations on track even if your recipients are inactive. No need to check campaign results manually, leave it to SalesHandy’s automated follow-up system until you get a reply. SalesHandy triggers your condition and starts sending automated follow-up emails to “unopened” or “unanswered” emails on your selected day.

Outlook Email Tracking Plugin


Get instant desktop notification to track Outlook Email whenever someone open your email. Users can know email open rate, response rate and time when you email was last opened.

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Wrap Up

Well, who could say one day you could have this much fun with your mail accounts compose box?

This was just a glimpse, Saleshandy comes power packed with tons of more features that can surely enhance your productivity by multiplying your sales figure. It has got it all, from easy file attachments to complex CRM integrations.

You can also download it directly via Chrome web store, here goes the link: Click here

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