A Guide to Setup Your New Laptop

Unlike other machines, a laptop may become your comrade that knows about you tip-to-toe. Buying a new laptop isn’t the end of the task, as you’re supposed to set it up considering all the aspects like features, programs, security and backup.

Today, we’re going to list down the important steps you must perform on your new laptop:

1. Uninstalling Bloatware

A new laptop comes with an operating system that provides a platform for you to communicate with your machine. Every OS contains software, which are pre-installed by the manufacturer. This software may be installed for marketing, advertising or other such strategies.

If you need your computer to work at its best, you need to make sure that the resources of your computer aren’t occupied by such tools. Generally, bloatware is heavy-weight and put a lot of pressure on the processor. Uninstalling these pre-installed tools is one of the best way to start setting up your new laptop.

Uninstalling Bloatware

Though the uninstall can be done through the uninstall function provided in Control Panel. But, sometimes this software may leave the footmarks in registries. To deal with these cluttered entries, you must perform a complete cleanup using a professional tool like Advanced PC Cleanup. It can be used to clear the invalid registry entries from your computer, thus improving its performance. It comes with other useful features such as Uninstaller which will quickly remove a program from your PC.  Advanced PC Cleanup is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7.

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2. Security

Security for your new laptop is as necessary as electricity. You never want to get into a hassle of recapturing your machine from unwanted threats. Though new laptops come with adequate security, which come within the OS. However, sometimes the threat may overcome the security and cause trouble for you. Below is the list for the type of programs a perfect laptop should contain:


a. Antivirus: Antivirus is a must in any new or old laptop. You never know which website or content may lead to an uneventful situation. Although, Windows Defender is one of the most reliable antivirus tool, but if you’ve got other names in mind, check the performance and reliability before handing over the security of your machine.

b. Laptop recovery: These are anti-theft programs, which allow you to trace your laptop if stolen. You’re supposed to install it before anything. There’re a lot of free tools that provide this service.

c. Cloud backup: Future is unpredictable, you never know what happens next. You may never want to run in a situation where you’ve lost every important data you had saved on your laptop. A cloud backup is one great technology that can save your data in a retrievable server. Though there are many free services available but Right Backup provides you a prominent security with great encryption. You’re empowered to access your data anytime, anywhere and on any device.

d. Firewall: Firewall is the foremost protection wall that primarily face any threat towards your machine. Many antiviruses provide firewall service; however, a dedicated firewall promises better security. It may include email filtration, adware removal and threat detector. Comodo Firewall is one of the best free firewall tool available.


3. System Updates

Even though your laptop is new but the operating system keeps getting important updates from the developers. You can check the available system updates on Windows by going to the Control Panel > System and Security install.

system updates

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4. Essential programs and documents

Your laptop should be ready to operate your network settings. You must install any suite program for your hardware configuration. Your printer and the display programs must also be installed. The laptop may be for your personal use but installing some important programs like Office and popular web browser should be done as quick.

Overall, your new laptop should be equipped with everything necessary and important. Where security must be sturdy, it should also not interrupt any other useful program. Once your laptop is well configured and set, you can begin exploring the digital world.

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