A Few Nasty Surprises We Never Expected from Apple

So, September is here! Sort of like Apple’s official birth month when it rolls out a majority of devices and big software updates. September is full of surprises especially for Apple lovers! People all over the world are pretty excited about the iPhone 8’s launch already. Some are even looking forward for iOS 11, and why not. Apple has given us so many reasons which make our wait harder.

Usually, Apple launches its high-end products in the first week of September or sometimes the upcoming week. And the same goes with iOS 11 as well, although developers have received a bunch of recent updates on the Beta version but users are still waiting eagerly for the public version to roll out. This time a tentative date which we’re hearing about the iPhone 8’s launch is 12th of September.

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Let’s keep the excitement of iPhone 8 off the table for a while. Guess it’s time to get a better understanding of Apple’s strategies on a bigger canvas!

A Few Of iPhone 8’s Rumors, More like Truth

iPhone 8

There are a few behind the headlines rumors about iPhone 8. But a few things are pretty clear, like there will be no Home button (at all), the all new face unlocking feature instead of Touch ID, enhanced camera, and wireless charging. It has been speculated that Apple’s iPhone 8 will be the first phone to be launched with an AMOLED display. It basically adds an extra layer behind the OLED display panel, in simple parlance an enhanced display where each pixel is activated as a delight to eyes.

An expected date of iPhone 8’s release is 12th of September, alongside Apple is also launching the two new models iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. All these 3 much awaited iPhone models will be available for preorders by 15th of September. And if you wait a lil longer, you can grab these devices from Apple store very soon, most probably by 22nd September. And as far as the pricing speculation goes on it is expected to be available from a price range starting 999$. So, the excitement and days of countdown are about to get over shortly.

Samsung’s Gonna Make Tons of Money with iPhone 8’s Sale

Samsung display

Yes, this is a surprisingly weird headline but somehow true! A new report from KGI securities proves that Samsung is going to be the sole suppliers of OLED displays as a result bringing out a hell lot of fortune for Samsung. It is being heard that Samsung is charging a huge amount of money for those OLED displays nearly around 120$ or 130$ per unit. Huh, no wonder the next iPhone is going to be damn expensive!

Despite the fact that Apple and Samsung are in one crazy competition, asking for such a demand kinda proves that Apple is left with no other choice. Even LG is major manufacturer of OLED displays but Bloomberg just reported that Apple will have to wait until 2019 to get LG displays.

Umm, so dear Apple looks like you have no other choice except paying for those LED to your beloved competitor Samsung.

Apple Is Losing Its Cool Factor Overtime, Isn’t It?


Perfection has always been Apple’s forte! Be it their portable mp3 players, iPhone, iPad or Mac you’ll always find a different excellence level in engineering. You can call them the pioneers in thinking something out of the box. But now their strategies are gradually getting more predictable day by day. Let’s talk about the face recognition that Apple is rolling out along with the new iPhone 8. We all are pretty aware that this is not something entirely unique. There are a few competitors in the market who already providing this feature, not to say but in a much cheaper cost.

So, in a nutshell Apple’s strategy is now becoming a bit up short. Looking at it with another example of Siri—Apple’s very own personal assistant launched on February 2010. Initially when Siri was launched it was like a one-of-its-own kinda innovation. It was an incredible spin-off project by Apple, first to be seen in the market. But now there’s like a whole virtual Barbie family out there with Amazon’s Alexa, Windows Cortana and many more.

Apple’s big jump in the TV world was also not one of their monumental leap sorts of decision, especially when the target audience for those TV programs is all those younger viewers.

As hard as it is for a brand to become cool, it’s even harder to get it back once you’ve lost it! Don’t you think so?

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Not to Forget Apple’s Messy Tax Situation

Apple tax

Image Source: i.imgur.com/ONE1Gkp.jpg

Wanna hear another dirty story about Apple? Last year back in October 2016, an alarming piece of news shook the entire industry. Apple is not only a biggest tech company, but is also one of the biggest tax cheats! They were found guilty for parking their global profits into full-fledged tax havens. The European Commission gave a bill of 14.5$ billion to Apple for back taxes, related to its business in Europe and Ireland.

A few of Apple’s major assets include design, software and patented ideas. So Apple transferred all their intellectual property to an Ireland subsidiary which then further sells all of Apple products in Europe. And as we all know that intellectual property is always hard to measure or track down, it became a great way out for tax avoidance.

So, this is one dirty loophole on Apple’s casket about which we cannot do anything!

Does This Mark An End Of Era! (Stats Talk)

Huawei vs apple

Umm, it’s time to take a rapid fire test. What will you say if we ask you to name Apple’s biggest competitor? Take a moment to think and now tell us what were your two big guesses? Samsung probably, or might be Windows?

Well, in most cases this is what we all think that Apple and Samsung dominate the entire tech world. But recently a report from Fortune says that a Chinese company has outsole Apple on the list. You’ll be pretty stunned to know that Huawei’s Smartphone market share has climbed from almost nothing to the summit, leaving Apple on number 3 position. A surprising contender, isn’t it? But whether continues its momentum, or fall back into obscurity, is something only time will tell.

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So folks here were a few of Apple’s deep and dark stories that never came across our mind until now. As alarming it may sound but there always two sides of the coin, right?

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