A Few 3D Touch Gestures To Try On iOS 11’s Control Center

Technology has surely evolved over time and one cannot deny this fact, no matter what! Regardless of tough competition and challenges, the Smartphone industry has proved itself to be a dynamic force in tech evolution. Major tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Windows have offered us the best form of technology and innovation to make our everyday lives easier.

Apple recently launched their latest software update—iOS 11. The stunning design interface blended with useful features has made iOS 11 one of the best software upgrades over time. Apple has put in a lot of hard work and dedication indeed. The revamped Control center allows you to access almost any settings of your iOS device in just one click.

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We’re pretty much aware about the basic functionalities offered by iOS 11’s control center like the WiFi and Bluetooth toggle buttons, screen recording, flashlight, Do not disturb while driving etc. But that’s not where it all ends! Apple has stuffed in tons of hidden features inside the Control center that can be accessed with 3D touch allowing you take a better control on your device.

What is 3D Touch?

A few higher versions of iOS devices (iPhone 6s, 7, 8 and X) include 3D touch support. It’s like a wormhole through iOS that lets you move around faster than ever! So, if you happen to own any of these devices here are a few gestures you can try on the all new Control center.

Do More with 3D Touch on iOS 11’s Control Center

Here’s a quick list of extra settings that you can access with 3D Touch:

  1. Camera: Tapping on the Camera icon with 3D touch offers a quick access menu including options like taking a selfie, recording a Slo-mo etc.

 iOS 11 camera2. Notes: If you hard press the notes app icon on the control center it’ll offer you shortcut buttons for creating a new note, new checklist, new photo, or a new sketch.

3. Flashlight: 3D touch allows you to manage the light intensity level of the flashlight like high, medium or low.


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4. Calculator: With 3D touch you can quickly copy the last result on Calculator.

calculator5. Wallet: Shortcut buttons for your default credit card, as well as seeing your last Apple Pay transaction.

6. Timer: Quick access for choosing timing durations. Pick from 1 minute all the way up to 2 hours.

time7. Voice Memos: As soon as you press hard (3D touch) on the voice memos icon on the control center, it gives you the option to immediately start a recording.

8. Display Brightness: The display icon offers the night shift toggle switch.


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So, these were a few gestures that you can try on iOS 11’s new control center. Hopefully Apple will offer us some more useful features in the coming future. Till then use the ones listed above and watch this space for more such updates!

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