9 Tips to Get the Most of Google Home Mini

Slowly and steadily, Google Home Mini has surely made its place in the race of smart home speakers. Google Home Mini is an amazing AI powered assistant and one of the most recent gadgets by Google which has managed to fit in our home perfectly. Google Home is so much more than  just a smart assistant!

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So, if you’ve just grabbed your Google Home Mini this holiday season or are planning to buy one anytime soon we might have something useful for you that’ll help you master this cool smart speaker. Here are the best Google Home Mini tips to make the most of it!

1. Remember Things

Remember Things

No need to jot down things on the notepad, or if you have a habit of frequently forgetting about things then Google Home Mini just might be your savior. So, from now on keep your brain less stressful and just ask Google Home to remember lil things for you. Simply say, “Hey Google, remember I have kept the car keys on upper shelf” or “Hey Google, remember I have kept the passport in my brown handbag” or anything you like which you want Google to remember for you.

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2. Traffic Updates

Traffic Updates

With the power of Google Maps which works seamlessly well with Google Home Mini smart speaker, you can now stay up with current traffic updates and plan your daily commute accordingly. Like for starters, you can ask ,“Hey Google, how much time will it take to reach to the nearest subway?” or “Hey Google, in how much time can I reach the Airport”. And you know what’s better? You can also set customized names for frequently used places like Home or work so that Google can remember it for you.

3. Know About a Store’s Open/Closed Timings

No need to waste any further minute thinking about whether your nearby grocery store is open or not. Simply ask Google that “What’s the timing of grocery store near me” or you can also ask about bank timings similarly.

4. Play your Favorite Netflix Shows

Play your Favorite Netflix Shows

If your television is Chromecast enabled then you can use Google Home mini’s super power to play your favorite shows and TV series. But to do so you have to first link your Netflix account with Google Home. Launch Google home app on your Smartphone and head on to “More Settings”. Tap on “Videos and Photos” and then hit the blue colored Link button below Netflix to enjoy your favorite shows by just saying out aloud the title to your smart speaker.

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5. Make it a Timer

There are a lot of times when we need that ticking clock timer in a particular situation, right? Whether you’re playing charades or have kept a meal to cook in the kitchen, simply ask Google to start a timer. Just say “Hey Google, put in a timer for 10 minutes” or whatsoever you wish for!

6. Personal Dictionary

We often get too lazy to look for a particular word’s meaning on the web or dictionary, right? Well, not anymore! Now all you have to do is ask your Google assistant. Just ask Google about meanings, synonyms or even spellings to rest your curiosity bug.

7. Make it Learn your Voice

Make it Learn your Voice

One of the major challenges we all face while using voice assistants is when they misinterpret our commands. To overcome this barrier on Google Home Mini, you can opt for an individual voice training so that it understands your voice in a better way. Head on to settings and tap on “Voice Match” and then hit on “Teach your assistant your voice again” option.

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8. Broadcast Messages

Make your Google Home Mini your personal intercom to broadcast messages around your home. Simply say “Broadcast” followed by your personalized message so that you can hear it on all connected Google Home devices around your house.

9. Call an Uber

You can also link your Uber account with Google by heading to Google Home app> Settings> More settings> Services> Uber >Link Account. Once your accounts are linked up, you simply have to ask Google to book your rides. Just say “Hey Google, book me a ride for the Airport” or get status updates by asking “Hey Google, where’s my Uber” or cancel my Uber etc.

So, folks here were some of the best Google Home Mini tips for getting started with this amazing smart home speaker. For any other queries or feedback feel free to hit the comments box below.

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