9 Things You Didn’t Know Google Assistant Can Do

Google’s obviously titled virtual personal assistant ‘Google Assistant’ was first introduced in May 2016 as unique selling proposition for Google Pixel. But earlier this year after I/O conference 2017, it was made available for other Android devices as well.google assistant

We all know about the basic features and things that Google Assistant can do such as sending texts, calling, setting alarms and so on.

In this article, we have listed a few things that Google Assistant can do which is lesser known.

1. It can read NEWS for you –

  • Open the Google App, swipe to open the left menu, then go to Settings.
  • Locate Google Assistant, and click Settings > News.assistant play the news
  • You can add news sources like CNN, BBC and more. Once it is done, just say Play the news.
  • You can choose the source from the options.
  • If you want directly your source to play the news , try saying BBC Minute or any source that you have added.

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Cool isn’t it!

2. Shopping list and reminders:shopping list

Google Assistant can work as your note taking app and reminder app as well. Whether you need to add any item to the shopping list or you want it to remind you about an appointment, your digital assistant will remember it all. All you need to do is

  • Go to Google App-> Settings
  • Locate Google Assistant-> Settings-> Personal Info (at the bottom)

You can also ask Google Assistant to remember random things without any alarm triggered to it.

Whenever you will make a shopping list, either it will store the list in Google Keep or the Home app.

3. Check Anything on Web:

You can check your flight schedules, weather conditions or you can also ask about any famous personality like Ryan Reynolds. Google Assistant will tell you about everything. It is like your own personal Google.Check Anything on Web

4. Convert:

Google Assistant can convert and translate anything, just like Google web search. You can ask it to convert USD to INR or ask how many kilometers is 100 meters. You will get the result out loud

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5. Translate:

Google Assistant can translate your sentences in Hindi, Spanish or any other language and translation can be seen on the screen and can be heard out loud as well. Isn’t it great?Translate

6. Traffic Information:

You can check the route and traffic on it from your location to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jams. With voice navigation, it will suggest the shortest and safest route to reach your destination.

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7. Play Music and Video

You can watch a video on YouTube or play your favorite songs via Google’s Play Music.Play Music and Video

Ask Google Assistant to play any song or video you like, it will play it for you. Other than that, you can also ask Google Assistant to increase the volume or pause the song and more.

8. Alter Settings

You can also change your phone settings by instructing Google Assistant. Ask it to dim the screen light, or turn on Bluetooth and control volume etc.,Google Assistant does it all.Alter Settings

9. Find Things in Apps

Google Assistant can search things stored in your apps on the phone and shows you the best results. Let’s say you have thousands of photos stored on your phone but you want to look at a particular photo, just ask Google Assistant, it will display the results matching your request.

If you want to search emails from a person or of a particular date, ask Google Assistant.Find Things in Apps

Now that you know what all Google Assistant can do, you must be very excited to get a first-hand experience on this excellent AI tech.

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