9 Best iOS 12 Shortcuts You Should Be Using Right Now

With the release of iOS 12, we’ve seen a bunch of major changes in iOS environment. One of the most promising iOS 12 features is the new Shortcuts app which eases down our workflow tremendously. But technically speaking, Shortcuts app isn’t a part of iOS 12 as we have to explicitly download it from the app store. Apart from this, there are a couple of Siri shortcuts too that you can find in the Settings section of your iOS device.

iOS 12 features

Keeping all this in consideration, we’ve compiled a list of 9 best iOS 12 shortcuts that you should definitely take in use to make the most of iOS environment.

Let’s get started.

Do not Disturb Timer

Do not Disturb Timer

You can find this option in the Shortcuts app of course. Once you’ve added this particular shortcut, you’ll be able to set custom DND times on your device. You can specifically add time including exact minutes and hours for which you want the DND to be activated on your device.

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Amazon Price History

Are you an online shopping freak? If yes, then this is the perfect shortcut for you! By adding this shortcut to your iOS device you’ll be able to review price history of specific products and see the high and low range and then make the right buying decision. You can use this shortcut on the Amazon app, as well as while accessing Amazon in Safari browser.

Intelligent Power

Are you always pondering over your device’s battery performance? With Intelligent Power shortcut loaded on your iOS device, you’ll be able to analyze your device’s performance as per its current battery usage and save yourself a few more extra battery percentage bars for you.

Calculate Tips

Calculate Tips

Whenever we head over to a restaurant, calculating the tip amount can be big overhead (Yes, on the calculator too). Well, not anymore! With Calculate Tip shortcut loaded on your iOS device, you can easily calculate the tip amount with Siri’s smart assistance. All you have to do is enter the total bill amount and tell the app how much % you want to tip like 10%, 20%, 30% etc. and that’s it! The app will tell you the exact tip amount saving you from the all the extra hassle of calculations.

Convert Video to GIFs

Convert Video to GIFs

Videos are far bulkier in size compared to GIF animations. The Convert Video to GIF shortcut can make your life a lot simpler if you’re thinking about converting any of your favorite videos into a GIF animation.

See What’s Happening

Another shortcut on our list of best iOS 12 shortcuts is “See What’s happening”. If you already have the Twitter app installed on your phone, then this shortcut can be of great use if you wish to know all about what’s happening all around the world. With “See what’s happening” shortcut, you’ll be able to view the entire Twitter’s moments section at glance. Just make sure you activate it by heading to Settings > Siri & Search > Twitter > See All.

Download File

Agree or not but downloading files on iOS is a bit of overhead compared to Android, isn’t it? Say no more! With download file shortcut installed on your iOS device, you can easily share links, save files in Files section of your iOS device. You can even choose at which location you wish to save a particular file.

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Dark Sky Weather

Know all about weather updates by simply asking Siri. With Dark sky weather shortcut installed on your iOS device, you can know the entire weather forecast within a jiffy. You simply have to assign a simple command for the app to work like “Hey, what’s the weather today like?” or anything you like.

Expand URL

If you’re having g second thoughts about any website’s URL, you can simply use the Expand URL shortcut to know the whole expanded URL of a website address.

So folks here were the 9 best iOS 12 shortcuts which we think you should be certainly be using to enhance your iOS experience. Watch this space for more such updates.

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