9 Best Apple HomePod Tips and Tricks to Enhance Productivity

Agree or not, Apple’s products and gadgets are an epitome of innovation and excellence—be it iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. When Apple HomePod was initially launched, it was a breakthrough in smart speaker industry. It is the perfect blend of Apple’s audio engineering and advanced technology which offers a smart way to control our home.

Apple HomePod

So, if you’ve got one of this Apple’s marvel at your home here are some of the best Apple HomePod tips and tricks to make the most of this smart speaker device.

Let’s get started.

Language Translation Features

There’s nothing more peaceful than learning a language at the right comfort of your home, isn’t it? With Siri integration on HomePod, you can simply translate any piece of text by a voice command. You can use your Apple HomePod device for easy language translation. All you have to say is “Hey Siri, how do you say Thank You in French?” or “What’s a dog called in Spanish”. Ask anything.

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Get Celebrity Gossips

Are you obsessed with any particular celebrity or public figure? Well, Apple HomePod can be your personal assistant who can fetch all the details about your favorite celebrity. Simply ask “Tell me all about Ryan Gosling” and wait until Siri rolls out all the information you need.

Manage Grocery Lists Smartly

Creating and managing grocery lists is always an overhead. Well, not anymore. You can now use your Apple HomePod speaker and manage your grocery lists in a fun and entertaining way. All you have to say is “Hey Siri, please add cheese to my grocery list” or any other item which you want to add. You can also add your family members to make changes to this list. Head on to your iPhone’s Settings>Reminders? iCloud > Family. Once you’ve enabled this option, anybody from your family can add their items on grocery list as a collective effort.

Expand your Musical Knowledge

Apple HomePod tips and tricks

Siri has an extensive knowledge of the music world. So, next time when you’re pondering upon an artist or band’s name and want to gather some information simply ask “Hey Siri, tell me all about The Beatles” or any other music-related query you wish to ask.

Stay Updated About Current Events

To know all about headlines, recent events or upcoming events, use your Apple HomePod speaker and Siri’s smart knowledge to stay updated. Ask anything you like, for example, “Hey Siri, what’s the news today?” or “Hey Siri, please read sports news from New York times”.

Know all About Neighborhood

Recently shifted to a new neighborhood? So, next time whenever you’re unable to decide which restaurant to visit or where’s the best salon in this area, simply use your Apple HomePod smart speaker to get acquainted with your neighborhood.

Send a Text Message

As all Apple devices are seamlessly integrated, you can anytime ask your HomePod to send a text message to any of your contacts if you’re feeling too lazy to text.

Subscribe to iTunes Podcasts

Are you a fan of listening Podcasts? If yes, then simply ask Siri to subscribe Podcasts so that it can add it to your library. Simply say “Hey Siri, please play ” and if you wish to subscribe it then say, “Hey Siri, please subscribe to this podcast”.

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Use Voice Control

Voice Control

Apple HomePod allows you to use voice control smartly. So, next time when you’re listening to a music track and feel like turning up/down the volume simply say “Hey Siri, make it louder” or “Hey Siri, set the volume to 60%” etc.

So folks, these were some of the best Apple HomePod tips and tricks to make the most of this smart speaker device. We hope you learned something new today? For any other queries or feedback feel free to hit the comment box.

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