8 Ways How Alexa Can Make Your Thanksgiving Merrier!

Thanksgiving is just a week away and we’re already feeling the butterflies in our stomach! From meeting our loved ones to feasting over that delicious turkey, Thanksgiving is surely the king of all holidays. And especially if you’re a foodie then Thanksgiving is one special day when you cook all your favorite recipes and munch every last dish.

thanksgiving day

So, if you’re thinking about prepping for Thanksgiving Day this year then make sure technology gives you an extra hand. Yes, that’s right! Alexa can be your constant companion and can help you in making your Thanksgiving so much better, easier and merrier of course.

Here are 8 useful ways how Alexa can help you in Thanksgiving with its smart assistance and witty skills.

alexa and thanksgiving

Let’s get started.

1. Make Grocery Lists

Making to-do lists is one thing when Alexa can be your personal assistant and help you making easy grocery lists. As Thanksgiving is all about recipes and festive shopping, Alexa can help you in keeping track of all your groceries and equipment required for the big day. All you have to say is “Alexa, please add Cheese to my grocery list” and that’s it! Whenever you’re headed out to supermarket simply pull out your Smartphone, open the Alexa app on iOS or Android, and see what all items you have to collect.

2. To-Do Lists

to do list for thanksgiving

A lot of us have a tendency to forget little things especially when there’s so much to do remember during festive preparations. But not if you create to-do lists with the help of Alexa who can keep track of all at once. From little things like “Alexa, add wash turkey to my to-do list” or “Alexa, add invite friends to my to-do list” Alexa can take care of everything and will not allow you to miss on anything. Create never ending to-do lists with the help of Alexa and get things done easily without any stress. Whenever you’re done adding items to your list simply say “Hey Alexa, what’s on my to do list” so that it reminds you everything you said earlier.

3. Recipe Ideas

You can enhance your cooking skills this Thanksgiving with the help of Alexa. Surprise your friends and family by cooking delicious meals with some out of the world recipes as per Alexa’s suggestions. Alexa will not just narrate you the recipe but will also walk you through the whole cooking process so that you don’t feel lost at any point of time.

4. Pick the Right Turkey Size

Confused about how much Turkey to get this Thanksgiving? Well, Alexa has a special “Turkey Planner Skill” which allows you to decide how much turkey you need for the number of guests you’ll be having. Simply ask “Alexa, how much Turkey will be needed for 12 people” and it can guide you through.

5. Multiple Timers

multiple timers in alexa

As there are a lot of meals to be cooked on Thanksgiving Day, you can use Alexa’s multiple timer feature to ease down your cooking tasks. Simply say “Alexa, start a 2-hour timer for turkey” or “Alexa, start a 20 minutes time for baking cake”. In this case, Alexa can run both the timers simultaneously and can inform you when it’s about time. You can also check in the meantime by saying things like “Alexa, how much time is left for the cake to bake” and so on.

6. Set the Mood

Music is the ultimate therapy in uplifting your mood. Leave it all in Alexa’s hand, create Thanksgiving playlists from Spotify, Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. All you have to say is “Alexa play Thanksgiving music” to set holiday mood.

7. Cocktail Ideas

cocktails idea for thanksgiving

You really need to have a good selection of Cocktails on this day that go along with Thanksgiving Day meal. And especially, when there are several guests around, you need to prep for a variety of cocktails. Confused what to make? Take use of Alexa’s “The Bartender” skill that can give you awesome ideas over 12,000 different cocktails.

8. Black Friday Calendar

What’s the next best thing you do after Thanksgiving Day? Shopping—without any doubt! Just ask “Alexa, ask Black Friday Calendar for Best Buy hours” to grab the best deals on this festive day. Alexa can enhance your shopping experience and offer deals from Walmart, Bed Bath, Home Depot and more.

Here were a few ways how Alexa can help you in Thanksgiving Day and ease down your troubles. Make your Thanksgiving a lot easier and merrier with Alexa!

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