8 Technologies Most Likely to Get Obsolete in Recent Future

Recently, Samsung pulled the plug on their literally ‘explosive’ smartphone model Galaxy Note 7 after recalling it from customers in September. The recall was in response to several customer complaints regarding ‘faulty batteries’, leading to spontaneous explosions. Despite manufacturer’s attempts to solve the issue, including a replacement of batteries didn’t seem to nullify the damage. This proves that regardless of living in a technologically advanced era as compared to past centuries, we’re far from being perfect.

Imperfect technology is doomed to become obsolete and the Samsung Note 7 mishap is indicative that even the newest technology is ultimately fated to become stale. Let’s look at some technologies that might get phased out real soon.

  1. ‘Point n Shoot’ Cameras

If they aren’t obsolete already, they soon will be. Point and shoot cameras or ‘digicams’ have already seen a fair amount of changes from film reel to digital photography. With camera enabled smartphones becoming the most commonly used gadgets for photography, your mom’s prized Nikon Coolpix will soon become a relic. While there is a long time before camera phones could replace DSLRs, the average point-n-shoot digicams are certain to become obsolete.


  1. PlayStation 3

With Sony already bidding adieu to PlayStation 2, we know that their 3rd console is also fated to walk the same path. PlayStation 4 is already out and despite its limited catalog, is becoming the platform of choice for game developers. With more than 10 years of its existence in the market, PS3’s graphical capabilities have already been tested to the max and developers are now focusing more on next-gen consoles. Enjoy it while it lasts gamers, as this badass gaming machine will soon join bite the dust!


  1. Compact Discs and Disc Players

Remember when your entire audio cassette collection was overshadowed by CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray? Mother Karma certainly doesn’t forget and now all these expensive and highly vulnerable media storage format is being replaced by digital media. Why buy an expensive CD when you can buy songs directly from iTunes or watch high-definition movies on Netflix. Sorry to say but all physical forms of portable media such as CD, DVD and Blu-Ray along with their dedicated players will soon be rendered useless.


  1. MP3 Players

iPods might’ve been really hot some 10 years ago, but with the advent of smartphones, all dedicated portable music players will soon be discontinued. Phones with expandable storage and media playing capabilities had already begun to capture the mp3 player market and in recent years, this number has increased manyfolds. So if you’re planning to buy the latest generation iPod or iPod touch, it is better to buy a new smartphone.


  1. Laptops

Notebook PC was considered a technological innovation and has become an inseparable accessory for businessmen, management employees and students etc. Although laptop users are high in numbers, this beloved gadget will soon be replaced by tablet computers. Tablet computers are already selling like hotcakes after the smartphone revolution. Therefore, with the introduction of more capable and powerful products, this is certain to become a gadget of choice for on-the-go computing needs.


  1. Cable TV

Yes, TiVo is an old hat and the future belongs to Netflix. With internet enabled TV, and rise of services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube have had a significant impact on cable TV/DTH services users in recent years. We have already seen a sharp decrease in the number of television viewers and entertainment industry is highly focusing on internet media. Therefore, it won’t be long when you will have to say goodbye to your DTH set top box.


  1. Camcorders

You don’t need to spend a fortune to record HD videos anymore with camera smartphones in the market. Hence, it is definitive that all consumer video recorders and camcorders will face the same fate as film reel cameras. While the movie industry still relies on the 30 mm film reel, digital technology will soon be able to deliver the same tangible results.  The latest camera enabled smartphones allow videos to be recorded in High Definition, pretty much nullifying anything ‘kickass’ about your Sony handycam.


  1. High Definition Screens

If you’re still confused whether 1080i is better than 1080p, both are old hats now and no longer require your attention. It might be hard to believe but High Definition video is also an old technology nearing its final exit. 4k and 3d video are already becoming the next item of attention for technological elites. There’re people still satisfied with CRT screens and televisions, so your newly obsolete HD screen shouldn’t hurt much.


Despite living in the treasure trove of technology and being literally buried in gadgets, we know that there are plenty of loopholes that need to be curbed. But no matter how perfect a particular technology or gadget may be, they will someday be replaced by better technology.


  • comment_avtar
    Eh, I’m not buying everything on the list, although the “near future” is vague enough to never be wrong. CDs are still being pressed, even if you have to go to Amazon to find many of them. DVDs are still around, as are Blu-rays and the new 4K UHD discs. Streaming is the future but until licensing changes, there will a demand for physical media. If LPs can make a comeback, some people will always prefer to really own their entertainment. Tablets are not replacing laptops. Laptop sales have rebounded while tablets are flat to declining. I think cable won’t die as quickly as you think. It’s too big an industry to just go away.

    5 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Akshay Luke Peters
      There’s no need to ‘buy’ anything actually. CDs and DVDs have largely vanished, and we cannot deny that. Especially when talking about music and home video. Blu Ray, LPs, UHDs are there, but are expensive and a large chunk of technology users would rather go with digital media. Moreover, the only reason laptops still exist, cos current tablets aren’t as powerful and are expensive. Personally, i’d love to see tapes making a comeback. Nevertheless, thanks for paying attention to our work and for the wonderful exchange of viewpoints. Hope to hear more from you.

      5 years ago

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