8 Pointless Smartphone Features That Make You Question

Smartphone companies are adding a plethora of features every day to their products to tackle the fierce competition. From additional navigation features to voice assistance, gestures to the critical power button, there could be multiple smartphone features without which also a phone can run pretty well or maybe better!

But you can definitely thank Samsung, Huawei and some smartphone companies for letting you know the overhyped ads of those features which are not useful.

8 Pointless Smartphone Features That Make You Question

1. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging sounds so good to hear, honestly! But yeah there is physical contact between the phone and its wireless charger. In most cases, you cannot even use the phone when it’s on the charging pad.

Moreover, if the phone is not placed with proper alignment over the pad, you do not even get to know that it is charging or not! Dahhhh! And we love wireless charging.

2. Front LED Flash

Surrounding lights are something that makes selfies look a lot better. It is not that a single LED is going to make a great difference, but it keeps more than focus on your face and even annoys the person while disturbing mood & even selfie.

If it is that you want to use LED flash to beautify your looks, download the best camera apps for perfect editing.

3. Gestures

Gestures are a big hit in the market and people love to show them off when they are hanging out with friends. But did you notice them using once again after a few weeks? We believe most of them do not even remember to use them and fall in the regular method of using it.

When in a hurry or wish to search in the phone something quick, no one even cares to shake their phone in a particular direction.

4. Auto-Brightness

In most of the cases, auto-brightness is a feature to admire. It can simply brighten up or lower down the screen as per its smartness. But the only problem lies in its battery saving mode as auto-brightness is not very helpful in saving your battery. Those who are tired of short battery issues do not rely on this feature but manual update only.

5. Facial Recognition

It seems pretty cool, isn’t it? But why it is useless? Imagine a price hike for the phones which possess this feature at one end and cutting your other features at another. This selling point in phone exposes users to get things trimmed like a cheap speaker, slow storage, etc.

6. Screenshot & Volume Confusion

This option has been explored by everyone and each of you must have noticed the glitch already. When we try to take screenshots, the volume tab usually shows up its face. And sometimes, its icon even appears in the screenshot. And this is how we miss our important time shot in a quick hassle.

7. Smartphones Are Increasing Their Size Like Anything

Not that our phones have started growing like humans, but we feel this is a major annoying factor. You can’t carry your huge phone smoothly in the pocket, it tends to fall easily and how the hell would you take selfies with a desktop-like phone? Surely, size matters and this feature is just leading to more phone breakages.

8. Drained Battery

Undoubtedly the chargers have become smarter than our phone’s battery. Nowadays the phone’s battery gets empty so early that you often hear “take my phone, I just charged it” and bammm, It’s gone! Better we keep our chargers or power banks handy!

Still, Thank God we have Smartphones!

Oh yes, even after counting so many flaws, we can’t stay away from our phones for long. So all we can do is look at the positive side and enjoy all the features of our phone. With developments, we are sure useless features will take a bay and we can enjoy more with what is simply amazing.  If you know any other feature that we should add in the blog, drop us a comment below!

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