8 New Amazon Echo Devices You Can Buy Right Now

We’re all aware with Amazon’s voice control beefy speakers, right? Agree or not but a few decades back who could imagine that simply saying a command from our living room would play our favorite song. We all know that these wireless speakers are capable of doing so much more than that.

Well, the good news is that Amazon just announced 5 more Echo models which take technology and innovation to a whole new level. At a surprise event in Seattle Amazon introduced their new lineup of products.

Without wasting any further time, let’s take a quick tour of Amazon Echo products that you can buy this season. We have prepared a quick list covering various pros & cons featuring current highlights of the products.

Here you go!

1. The Original Echo

The Original Echo

Yeah well! This one is not new we know. We all have seen this first-gen wine sized Echo Speaker. Although, Amazon has quit offering the first Echo on its site, however you can in any case get it at Whole Foods while supplies last, and additionally get both the high contrast adaptations renovated for $130 on amazon.com.

2. The Echo Dot

 The Echo Dot

This small compact with a stunning design is capable of doing everything that Amazon Echo can do. From answering questions to playing your favorite tunes to controlling your smart home devices. However as you can see in the design, the big speaker is missing. For that the company offers you with a line out port where you can hook it up with big speakers.

3. The Echo Show (230$)

 The Echo Show (230$)

Released earlier this year, this amazing gadget goes far beyond the definition of a Bluetooth speaker. It is loaded with all Amazon Echo’s functions but with an added delight, which includes a touch screen. You can watch videos, shows and even catch a glimpse of security footages and share it with other Echo owners.

4. The Echo Generation 2 (99.99$)

The Echo Generation 2

Guess it’s time to raise the curtains! This is what we’re talking about. As of today the original Amazon Echo has been discontinued and replaced by this marvel. It comes with a better sound quality and stunning charcoal finish design to perfectly fit your living room interiors. It’s as of now accessible for pre-orders for $99 on Amazon, and will be released on October 31. It comes shrouded in a couple of various completions, some texture, others silver or wood for an additional $30.

5. The Echo Plus (149$)

The Echo Plus

The Echo Plus is a blended combination of Amazon Echo and a Smarthome hub that allows you to use generic Zigbee devices. It is available for pre orders on amazon.com and will be released on 31st October along with other products.

6. The Echo Connect (35$)

The Echo Connect

The Echo Connect—a smart wireless speaker that connects your existing landline to other Echo devices. Yes, you heard that right! It is available for pre orders for just 35$ on Amazon, but shipping will be initiated after 13th of December.

7. The Echo Spot (130$)

 The Echo Spot

This amazing device is more or less similar to Echo Show but has a circular display instead. It is specifically designed as a bedside alarm clock displaying all relevant information that you need. It is available for pre orders on Amazon and will be shipped by the 19th of December.

8. Echo Buttons

 Echo Buttons

Echo buttons is so far the weirdest product from the announcement. While we couldn’t discover these on amazon.com yet, they cost $20 for a two-pack, and as indicated by Amazon, are intended for “buzzers” like purpose that can be used for numerous question and answer contests available on Echo.

So folks, here was a quick lineup of the upcoming Amazon Echo devices! Do let us know which one you’re buying this season.

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