8 Hilarious V-Day Memes to Beat The Mush Overdose!

Okay, so The Day is here. There will be lot of mush around, and the sad part is you won’t be able to ignore even if this happens to be your natural reflex to the brouhaha over – wait for it – Valentine’s Day.


Going offline is a luxury none of us can afford these days! So we thought of compiling a list of funny, contextual memes that are going to give you the much needed break, from all the PDA and craziness on or off the net. Well, we are not taking sides. You are going to find this funny irrespective of whether you are single or in a relationship.

Here’s the catch though: We hope you love tech. Else, the joke’s on you! No, it’s rocket science. Just a little geek-ish. So here you go!

  1. For those of you who dream of this moment to happen with the girl or guy you have a crush on! Especially on V-Day! Correction: Just replace the ‘I” with HE or She.

tech memes for lovers

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2. We all fall for different kinds of traps. Sympathies for all you girls out there trapped in a relationship like this. Gadgets over mush. No offence!


3. Now that’s a killer card for those single and not in the least ready to mingle. A date with your phone? Bring it on!


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4. If your girl loves to get high on tech, these are great pick-up lines!


5. Okay, make of this what you will! We are not giving explanations!


6. This, we think is the best of the lot. It’s spot-on!


And , we saved the Star-Wars saga for the last. There are too many references actually. But we loved these two the most.

7. If you spending the day ‘Solo’.


8. In case you are in love. Head over heels. And your Valentine happens to be this cute!


And, for the ultimate Star Wars geek, here’s a bonus! In case, you plan to go that far i.e! Just kidding!

Happy Valentine’s Day Folks!

Disclaimer: All Images sourced from Google


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