8 FB Messenger Bots You Must Try Right Now!

Now you can order burgers, bid for any online item and pay your bills via Facebook Messenger! Too good to be true, right? But yes, new bots are now trickling into Facebook Messenger.

Recently a combination of ‘bot integrations’ were included in Messenger to streamline everyday tasks. Facebook is surely evolving in a digital marketplace of sorts by providing a common platform that caters to all our needs, from shopping to eating.

Those bots are smaller apps inside the Messenger app known popularly as “chat extensions”. With these integrated in FB messenger, you can send songs via Spotify and play them within Messenger; or order a burger and more.

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When you tap the “Discover” tab of Messenger you might see a couple of bots to download. So, we have refined the list and here are the 8 messenger bots you need to try on priority.

  1. CNN


CNN was the first to knock on Facebook’s door to provide users with high quality news headlines from top stories to politics to sports it covers all spheres. You can even enter any relevant keyword to pull out news related to that particular area of interest.

  1. Hello Jarvis


Hello Jarvis is a simple bot with one job — to remind you to do something at a certain time. You can just say “remind me to at ”. Or you can say the time first then the task. Whatever. Jarvis is a clever owl. He understands what you are saying.

  1. GymBot


Exercise is really one tough deal! We never ought to do it until someone pushes us on the go. But Gymbot can be your personal gym trainer who can drag you to take out your Nike shorts and do a full set of exercise. And here comes the best part, once you’re done you need to send the stats back so that you can monitor your progress.

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  1. Burger King


With Burger King’s new bot, simply order your favorite burger and pick up on demand. Choose menu items and pick the closest restaurant to pick it up. The bot will then provide you with estimated time and price. Ordering burgers just cooler, eh?

  1. Fynd


Fynd is the perfect bot for shopping freaks. Now forget scrolling down the web browser till infinite pages. All you need to do is ask “Fynd” and a moment later all the relevant hits will be there on your screen. The bot is basically a mobile form of their website, but is still good if you are standing in the middle of a store, and you need a quick price comparison.

  1. Wall Street Journal


If you’re big time stock market junkie, then you got to install Wall Street Journal right now.  Entering a company will give you its current share price, and whether the stock is rising or falling. You can also opt to see the financial news headlines and more.

  1. KLM Airlines


A quick, easy and painless way to book travel on the airline. It will instantly provide all your flight information, ticket confirmations, boarding pass and up-to-date flight information.

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  1. Assist


“Assist” helps you out with basic tasks. You can see the menu of things it can do for you, and you simply choose the task and follow the on-screen instructions. It will then presumably reach out to you based on whichever service you selected (Obviously not free).

So here were our 8 best bots picks for Facebook Messenger. Let us know in the comments section below, which bots do you use frequently?

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