8 Amazing MacBook Trackpad Gestures to Make Your Work Easy and Fun

While Mac is considered a no-nonsense computer as compared to the fancy Windows. But that doesn’t mean all’s dull when using a MacBook. You must already be familiar with the regular trackpad functions such as scroll, right click, left click etc. Turns out, MacBook trackpad has a lot more than meets the eye and has been equipped with several gesture based controls. These controls work pretty similar to gesture controls on a touch-screen device and will make your MacBook experience even more fun. So if you’re unaware as to how these controls work, here’re some of them that could be really practical when using your MacBook.

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  • Natural Scrolling

Remember when you invert y-axis on your joystick while playing video games? On a MacBook you can get the same inverted control for scrolling pages. To use natural scrolling, simply use two fingers to swipe upwards or downwards to scroll the window up or down.

Natural Scrolling

  • Rotate Images

Rotate your index finger and thumb together on the touchpad to rotate image orientation on your MacBook. This is a quick way to correct orientation of photos without navigating to any on screen buttons with the mouse cursor.

Rotate Images

  • Drag Items

You might want to go to Accessibility Preferences to enable this feature before you use it. This gesture allows you drag and drop items by using three fingers in a dragging motion. To drop dragged items to a particular location simply tap or click.

Drag Items

  • Quick Show Desktop

Show desktop shortcut is something that’s missing with Mac. But with trackpad you can easily view your desktop by spreading your three fingers and thumb apart. This is not only quicker than windows but a great way to navigate to desktop without using the mouse.

Quick Show Desktop

  • Launchpad

While there’s a high chance that you don’t really use the Launchpad function, it is still a great way to navigate through apps and software install on your MacBook. Use three finger and thumb in a pinching motion to bring up the launch pad directly.


  • Switch Between Windows

Quickly switch between different pages or windows by using two fingers to swipe left or right on your MacBook trackpad. Left swipe will bring up the previous page while right swipe moves to the next page or window.

Switch Between Windows

  • Show All Open Apps

When working on various projects, we lose track of what apps we have up and running. You can now quickly view all running apps on your MacBook by simply swiping three fingers in a downward motion.

Show All Open Apps

  • Quick Zoom

Just like any touchscreen device, zoom in and out or photos and content on safari by simply using the index finger and thumb in a pinching motion. This again eliminates the need to manually zooming using the mouse.

Quick Zoom

Even people who’ve been using MacBook for quite some time, might be unaware of the abovementioned trackpad gesture controls. While these controls might take a while getting used to, but can pretty much deliver similar controls as an iPhone or iPad and make your work on MacBook significantly quicker and easier.

Note: GIF Images credit lifehacker.com

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