7 Useful Settings for Getting started with iPhone XS or Max

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September is the most awaited and favorite month for Apple fans. It is that time of the year for which each one of us eagerly waits to see which new gadgets and products will be added to Apple’s agglomeration.

This September 2018 Apple launched three different iPhone models: iPhone XS, iPhone Max (biggest iPhone model in history) and iPhone XR. A lot of individuals are judging iPhone XS by saying that it is nothing for its worth. But regardless of what price tag it comes along, there are still a number of users who’ll go for this gadget as they don’t want to miss on anything which Apple brings out. Brand loyals are a key demographic after all!

iPhone XS

So, for those users who’ll anyway buy iPhone XS or iPhone Max (in spite worrying about the huge price tag) here are a few iPhone XS or Max settings that’ll help you in getting started with your newly launched devices.

Let’s explore a few features how we can make the most of these iPhone models.

Forget Selfies, Make Memojis

Forget Selfies

Memoji is basically an extended, advanced version of Animoji. With Memoji you can design your own custom avatar that looks like you while making the most of iPhone’s front camera. It moves along with you, as you tilt your head around and offers a more real experience in comparison to Animoji which is just a boring representation of emojis. You can do a lot more on your iPhone XS or Max with Memojis which includes unlocking your device, taking selfies, designing your own personal avatar and more.

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Shortcuts App

shortcut apps

As Siri has got more advanced with iOS 12, you can now create your own custom shortcuts for a more enhanced experience. The new Shortcuts app allows you to do a bunch of things on your iPhone with Siri integration. You can download the Shortcuts app from the App store, as it doesn’t come along default with iOS 12.

Control Screen Time

Control Screen Time

As iPhone XS will have iOS 12 you’ll see an all-new feature that assesses your screen time on the device. With this new tool, you can see on which apps you’re dedicating more time so that you can curb your addiction. Screen time is an incredible iPhone XS or Max settings feature which allows you to accurately analyze if you’re going through any sort of app addiction while letting you enjoy it aptly.

Alternate Appearance

Alternate Appearance

To make your Face ID more accurate on iPhone XS or Max here’s what you need to do. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Alternate appearance. By setting an alternate appearance to Face ID you can add your spouse’s face, kids face, parents face or any other individual whose close to you who can unlock your device with their Face ID.

Set Up Apple Pay

Set Up Apple Pay

As technology is evolving rapidly, so are the ways of making transactions. If you’ve not started using Apple Pay already, now is the time. Apple Pay is a lot more secure way of making your transactions in comparison to debit or credit cards. You can use Apple pay to buy things in store, check out in Safari or even use it to send money to your friends.

Master Portrait Mode

Master Portrait Mode

The portrait mode on iPhone XS or Max will make you forget any camera or DSLR. You can now create gorgeous, blurry-background photos and master the art of photography like a pro. To use Portrait mode on iPhone XS, launch the camera app and then swipe up to select “Portrait” option is highlighted in yellow.

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Force Restart

Force Restart

As there is no physical home button on newly launched iPhone models the process of force restarting a device is a bit stretched:

  • Press and release the volume up button.
  • Press and release the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the side button until the screen turns off and restarts. Release the side button as soon as you see the Apple logo on the screen.

So folks here were a few important settings that’ll help you in getting started with iPhone XS or Max. Watch this space for more such updates!

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