7 Tips To Master iMovie Like A Pro

Agree or not but we often underestimate Apple’s default apps and rather switch to third party apps to get things done. And yes, especially when it comes to editing videos only a few from the lot pick iMovie over other apps. Well, believe us if you’re into videography then there’s no app better than iMovie! It may look complicated in first go but if you master it with a few tips and tricks, it won’t result in a daunting experience.

So, let’s cut the chase and explore a few of iMovie tips for Mac that’ll turn you from an amateur to professional videographer within no time.

1. Crop To Zoom In Videos

Your iPhone allows you to capture videos at different resolutions from low to high definition. So, depending upon the usage if you just want to use a video for sharing online you can record it at a lower resolution. But if you already have an existing clip, a little trick can help you zoom in to a specific portion of a video thereby minimizing the video size.

crop to zoom in videos in imovie

To do so, open the clip in iMovie, zoom in to a specific portion, highlight the clip in your timeline and tap the crop button on right. Either select “Crop to Fill” or “Ken Burns” option and drag to select the portion of the clip in the preview window that you want to crop. Don’t forget to hit the blue mark on the right to save your changes.

2. Split Clips

If you just recorded an overly annoying long video clip and got quite bored after seeing it, you can clip a few frames out to make it interesting. For this you have to first split the video into multiple clips and then remove the parts which you no longer wish to keep. To split a clip right click on timeline on the exact spot which you want to remove and then select “Split Clip”.

3. Remove Audio

If you’re not loving the background noises or audio you can easily detach it from the video clip at any point of time. To detach audio from a clip, just right-click the clip in the timeline and tap on “Detach Audio” option.

4. Add a Soundtrack Of Your Choice

Add a Soundtrack of Your Choice imovie

Add some magic to your memories by inserting melodious soundtracks in the background of video clips. Tap the audio header in the left panel and then pick any song from iTunes library. You can even add one of your Garageband compositions as a background sound track. Simply drag the soundtrack in the timeline and once it is successfully uploaded your timeline will convert into green color.

5. Add Transitions

When we try and merge multiple video clips together it somehow creates a jarring effect in the breaks. So, to avoid this and to make your video clips more beautiful iOS allows you to add amazing transitions between the video clips. Click the Transitions header at the top of iMovie and drag a transition in between two video clips in your timeline.

6. Instant Replays

Instant Replays iMovie

Who doesn’t love instant replays, right? It’s so good to watch those special moments on repeat or slow motion. To create an instant replay on iMovie simply hold the R button and then select the range of the clip which you wish to use for creating an instant replay. Then head on to top of the menu bar and tap on “Modify>Instant Replay”. Now select the speed of replay clip and you’re then good to roll.

7. Shortcut Keys

While creating an iMovie project or when we edit a video clip we often take use of the “Preview” option review the current changes. But for this, you don’t have to drag the mouse again and again each time you wish to preview a clip. Simply hit the spacebar key on the keyboard and the clip will automatically play wherever the cursor is on the timeline. To play a clip from beginning tap the backslash key.

So, fellas, hope you loved these useful iMovie tips that can help you master it like a pro. If you have any other queries feel free to hit the comment box!

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