7 Tips To Make The Most Of Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are undoubtedly a major leap of innovation in earphones segment. They’re more than an ordinary earpiece. And yes, not to forget that they’re wireless and super convenient! So, if you own a pair of this tiny awesomeness, we’ll shed some light on a bunch of cool tips and tricks you may have not known about.

There’s so much you can do with Apple AirPods. So, let’s cut the chase and explore a few tips to make the most of this wireless gadget.

  1. Pair it with Non-Apple Products too!

Well, yes this is one huge misconception associated with Apple AirPods. A majority of users think that they are only compatible with iOS devices. Absolutely not! You can easily pair it with an Android device and use on other devices too.

For this all you need to do is flip the AirPod lid, press and hold that small button on the charging case until you see a white LED blinking. This blinking of LED light indicates that once the Bluetooth is enabled they’ll now be discoverable on other devices as well, including Android device, PC or Smart TV. But yes, just keep in mind while pairing AirPods with non-iOS devices, they’ll definitely lose some magic. Like taking out the AirPods from the box won’t pause the music, double tap functionality won’t work etc.

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2. Keep Swapping Buds to Save Battery Life

Usually Apple AirPods have a great battery life but if you’re too much into phone calls and music then this small trick can help you save battery life for a much more longer time. For this, simply keep one AirPod piece in the battery case for charging and use the other one all day long. And then once it’s charged and ready to use swap it with the other earpiece. Yes, this really works!

3. Check Battery Status on iPhone

battery status iPhone

When it comes to checking battery status of AirPods, Apple offers a couple of options. Just open the charging case of AirPods and you’ll get an instant pop up on your iPhone’s screen indicating the current battery status of AirPods. You can also add a shortcut widget in the notification center for better access.

4. Re-name your AirPods

Rename iPod

If you’re not a big fan of Apple’s default naming convention, you can change it anytime in the Bluetooth settings and re-name your AirPods however you like it. For this go to Settings> Bluetooth and then tap the “i” icon right in front of your device’s name. On the next screen rename your AirPods in the “Name” section.

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5. Enhance Function Access

Enhance Function Access

In the AirPods settings you can customize the double tap functionality for either of earpiece. For this go to Settings > Bluetooth. Then tap on the “i” icon right next to your AirPods’ name. Tap on either left or right to customize function access on AirPods.

6. Share Music, not Phone Calls

AirPods just have one active mic so if you somehow decide on sharing the earbuds with a friend and in case you get an active call, situations might get awkward. The call will be audible on both the earbuds but only one earpiece has an active Mic, which means you both could listen and only one can speak at a time.

So, to assign microphone duties to AirPods head on to settings> Bluetooth. Tap the small i icon and enable Microphone.

7. Use AirPods on Mac

Airpod on Mac

To sync your AirPods with Mac, tap the Bluetooth icon on your Mac’s menu bar and select your AirPods. Once you connect AirPods to Mac you can listen to all the audio coming from device Airpods.

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So folks, here were the 7 quick tips to make the most of Apple AirPods. Do let us know which one you liked the most!

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