7 Things You can Do by Linking Windows 10 with Your Smartphone

With each new update Microsoft keeps making Windows 10 better and rolls out the most useful yet advanced features to make our experience even more delightful. Microsoft has announced that Windows upcoming update will include a new “Your Phone app” feature that syncs your Windows 10 with your Android or iPhone so that you can send/receive text messages, view photos or notifications from your phone to PC.

What is Windows 10’s “Your Phone App” Feature?

Windows 10’s Your Phone app feature simply mirrors your phone’s content on your PC and allow you to access texts, photos, and notifications straight from your machines. Users can access this feature on Windows 10’s upcoming Redstone update which is expected to roll out later this year.

But if you can’t wait for that long Windows 10’s existing features still allow you to link your PC to phone. If you’re wondering how to link Windows 10 with Android or iPhone we have all the answers for you! Here are a few things you can do after syncing your Windows 10 with your Smartphone.

1. Get Notifications on PC

Linking Windows 10 with your Smartphone

Android users can easily link up their smartphone to their PC’s and receive your phone’s notifications on your system. All you have to do is open Cortana Settings, select “Cortana Across my Devices” option from the left menu. Now just enable the “Get Phone Notifications on this PC” button to start receiving your smartphone’s notifications on your system.

2. Respond to Texts

Linking Windows 10 with your Smartphone

Not only you can receive notifications on your desktop but you can also respond to your text messages. On Some notifications you will see a small “Reply” box that lets you reply directly from the notification.

3. Send Links to Your PC

Not many of us are aware about it but Windows 10 also has a unique feature which allows you to directly send links to your PC from your Smartphone. This feature is known as “Microsoft Continue on PC” and is supported on both Android and iPhones. Suppose you’re viewing any webpage on your smartphone then with this feature enabled you can directly send link to your desktop in just a single tap.

4. Get Reminder Notifications on your System

Linking Windows 10 with your Smartphone

As soon as your sign up to Cortana app on your system and Smartphone, both your machines will be synced and you will be able to view reminder notifications on your system as well as phone. Any reminders you create in Cortana on your phone will also by synced to your PC.

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5. Windows 10 Timeline

Windows 10 timeline is not only capable of listing your desktop’s recent activities, but also features an option where you can view your smartphone’s recent activities. This primarily include actively opened apps, webpages which you recently viewed, office documents, and so on. In this way you can quickly resume tasks and pick which app you want to work on.

6. Onedrive Mobile App

Once you download the Onedrive mobile app for Android or iPhone you will be able to access your photos and videos on your PC’s Onedrive section. All your photos and videos will be synced to Onedrive folder of your PC where you can easily store and manage them.

7. Send Messages Between Apps

There’s a unique “Shared Experience” feature on Windows 10 which allows you to communicate within apps of your PC and Smartphone. It lets apps on other linked devices like your phone and tablet to open and message apps on your system and vice versa.

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So, folks once you know how to link Windows 10 with Android or iPhone you can most certainly do a couple of things to make your life easier. Microsoft has surely come a long way if we specifically talk about Phone to PC integration. With future Windows updates we look forward to see more such useful features by which we can make most of our devices.

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