7 Things to Keep in Mind on Your Next UBER Ride

Uber has entirely flipped our perspective about Taxi rides; they are indeed one of the smartest public commute service in this age. Easy to pick, digital payment services and sometimes a candy too!

Who knew riding Taxis could become this fun one day!

Well, if your Uber rides are only limited to simply opening the app and requesting a ride then here are 8 useful tips to keep in mind while you take your next ride.

  1. 2 Minutes of Grace Period

Don’t panic if your driver arrived two minutes before or late, you’re always offered that special grace period for Uber (without paying up extra).

  1. Be Nice. You get a Rating Too


Yes, you heard that right! Not just passengers, your chauffeurs get to rate you too. So, if you’ve been rowdy in the backseat one too many times…you might have a harder time getting a ride. Be nice and polite.

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  1. Get your Cancellation Fees Waived Off


Keep in mind, there’s always a room of time before cancelling your ride request. When the driver takes too much time to arrive or he is somehow unable to reach at your pick-up point, Uber charges us with a small amount of cancellation fees on our account. But you can call at customer care center and dispute for it anytime. If that happens, head to the “Help” section of the app, Uber will almost always waive it. (True Story)

  1. Always Call your Driver to Confirm

Uber drivers kinda appreciate when you call or text them to let them know exactly where you are. Even if you dropped the pin in the right place, take a moment to text the driver with a landmark or business name (“I’m in front of Starbucks”).

  1. Yes, you can Ask them to Turn OFF the Music


If you just had a bad day at work or got into a fight with your spouse, you can request your Uber driver to turn off the music (If it’s actually giving you a headache). Yes, there’s nothing wrong in that! Usually they keep the music on for their passengers to give you a feel of a healthy ride. But it’s ok to get it turned Off.

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  1. Lost and Found

Oh, the nightmare! Lost your purse or your cellphone in the back of your ride? Don’t worry! You can scroll to the bottom of your ride receipt to find a message that says “Click here if you lost something on this trip.” This will allow you to find your driver’s contact information so that you can get your belongings back.

  1. It’s OK to sit in front


Most Uber drivers keep the seat pulled forward to maximize legroom in the back. But yes, you can surely hop on the front seat (if you’re feeling a lil chatty), there’s no harm in that. After all they’re human, not monsters! Uber regularly keeps doing a background check on all their drivers, there’s no reason to be afraid.

So, folks here were a few things to keep in mind while you take your next Uber ride. Travel Safe!

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